Friday, October 16, 2009

All About the Savings!

Yesterday, I went to a local Kids Consignment Sale. My friend, Katie, told me about a great website for local atlantans called The Bargain Watcher. It lets you know of different consignment shops around Atlanta, as well as sales like the one that is taking place this week. Although I didn't have anything in mind specifically that I needed, I still went to check it out. I ended up buying a Bottle Warmer for $4 and a Floor Play Gym (you know the things that the baby lays on his back and plays with everything above) for $10. I saw the exact one ON SALE at Marshalls later for $20. I LOVE SAVING!

I also have been working harder on finding coupons or great website to help save money at the grocery. Leslie, over at Lambert's Lately, is really amazing at saving and using her coupons. She had talked about coupons "doubling" and I had no idea what she meant by it. What it means...for those of you like that any coupon $.50 or under can be doubled in value. For instance, I have a coupon for FROSTING (no, I don't need it but oh well) and it is for $.40. When I go to buy this amazing frosting to make a cake (cake mix I have a coupon for too), I will get $.80 off making it cost practically NOTHING! I love it! Now, Leslie shops mostly at Publix....although I love Publix....I shop at Kroger with my handy dandy Kroger Plus Card. As I was walking into Kroger the other day, a great sign outside let me know that Kroger "doubles" coupons, too.....SWEET! Not only do I save a ton at Kroger with their 10 for 10 deals and many others, every time I spend $100 (which sadly is not hard), I get $.10/per gallon off at a Kroger Gas Station. I love that part! Another friend told me about Southern Savers. I have loved this website. It includes EVERY grocery in the South and has great coupons....practical ones!

The other key point that I have learned about saving only buy what is on SALE! And when it is on sale....BUY LOTS....especially meats! My freezer and I are going to become great friends....BUUUUTTTT don't buy things just because they are on sale....especially the things you will never eat or use!

If any of you have some great savings tips....please share! Why pay more for things, if you just don't have to!


Carrie said...

You can go to websites like or or any website like that and they have coupons. Also, has tons of coupons. I am a coupon clipper too!

The Sundseths said...

Hey!!! There is also! Check that out.

LOVED hanging out again. And i cant wait for the babies to come too :)