Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Weekend!

So sad that I am excited about this....but.....I saw my feet, at normal size, for the 1st time yesterday in so long!!!! No swelling and I can see them today too! It is amazing how swollen feet, ankles and calves can just make you feel so gross! Hopefully this will last.

Today at work, we have our Halloween Party. I am so excited to have a fun day with the kids. When it is all work and no play, it is not always fun. They all have been talking about Halloween all week. They can't wait!

Zach and I have a pretty laid back weekend. No game....a rest is needed! Zach has to work a festival at Hamilton Mill tonight and then I am making him Tator Tot Casserole. I lost a bet with him a couple weekends ago and now I am paying....and the Boy wanted Tator Tot Casserole if he won...he just cracks me up! So random. But his wish is my command! Tomorrow, Zach is going to work on the cars; oil changes, changing brake pads, all the fun stuff. I will probably be cleaning, getting ready for Baby more, laundry....once again....all the fun stuff. I can't believe only 2 more weeks....even though I countdown everyday in my head...2 weeks just seems like such a small amount of time. YAY!

Everything is moving along nicely with the new loan officer. I believe we are locking in a rate on Monday or Tuesday and the underwriting process will start very soon, too. I feel so much better about the whole situation now. And I am so grateful to have my Hubby...he has been so great with working with the LO and helping any stress stay away from me. Love him!

I can't believe we only have one day left in October!!! Where did 2009 go?!? Don't forget to set your clocks on Sunday.

Happy Weekend!


Jennie said...

Isn't it amazing what a pregnancy does to your body? God created a marvel when he made women :)

... and better a Tater Tot Casserole than something super involved that would keep you on your feet!

Katie said...

no kidding, I cannot believe tomorrow is the 31st already! I got really scared yesterday when I was meeting with my advisor for my spring schedule and i could see the end.