Thursday, October 8, 2009

34 week Check Up

I had my doctor's appointment today. I have been a little bit nervous that the baby turned on my because whatever I was feeling at the top of my belly was SO HARD! But the doctor reassured me that the part I was talking about is the butt! It is one bony butt....but so cute I am sure! Yay! Head is still down! Dr. Pohl said I measured perfectly and the heart rate was in the 150s again. Blood pressure was perfect, too!

Zach and I put together the pack n' play and the swing took us forever! But they are both all ready and I can't wait to see the baby in them!

This weekend we have plans to clean out the cars and install the car seat bases. I am also going to start washing the clothes we have received, burp cloths and blankets. My goal is to have everything ready by the 1st of November.....just in case! Plus, it is getting harder and harder for me to bend over and carry the sooner I can get some of this stuff done the better.

Sad moment today.....while driving I needed some chapstick....totally dropped the lid and felt so helpless. I couldn't bend over to look for it or find any position that would let me even try! My dad was in the car and just laughed! I went to look for it luck :(

Funny moment today.....I was helping keep the kids in order at the water fountain and one of the 5th grade boys asked if I was pregnant....he has seen me for the last 2 months and this is the first time he has asked...I wonder if they just think I am that fat. Anyway, he gave me some advice and I had to giggle. He said that he has heard contractions are really bad and that if a contraction happens....I should probably get the baby out. YA THINK! I just love their innocence!

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