Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's Your Story?

This past weekend at the baby shower, I got so many different stories about everyone's births....the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, I loved hearing them! I loved hearing everyone's advice and what worked for just gives you perspective. know you want to.....what is your story or stories??? A woman just can't help but share!

One of my good family friends informed me that both her first and second came 1 month early....YIKES! I am not ready if that happened to me....

Also, don't forget to put in your guesses over at the Baby Pool to the left! A little info to help:

Expected Due Date: November 14th
Typical BPM: 140s
I feel like my belly is all in the front and high...but that is because everyone is telling me I am carrying high
No heartburn, expect for one was so bad!
Cravings were for milkshakes and cheese and crackers
The Chinese Calender said Boy
The Draino Test said Boy

Happy Guessing :)

And as I type, I just received a package from my SIL with MATERNITY PANTS....Thank goodness! No one should have to see these legs anymore! Thanks Holly!


momofbugs said...

Lately I really think you are having a boy. What a change that will be! I know Zach will be thrilled....well we all will but I think he will just alittle bit more.

Advice: Just when you think you can't do it is almost over. Have Zach tell you that over and over when you feel like giving up or have a big sign or something to remind you!

I am so excited!!!!!!!!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Here's one for you...during labor with our first child, (we never find out the gender until delivery) was a long labor, went in at midnight on Saturday and didn't deliver until Monday morning. On Sunday afternoon, the nurse suggested my husband should go get him something to eat. Seems like good advice, right?

I would have taken that to mean, go to the hospital cafeteria, one of the many fast food joints in the basement of the hospital, or maybe even stop at one of the vending machines on a different floor.

However, he took it to heart. And drove across town, under two interestates, to LONESTAR STEAKHOUSE for a steak and baked sweet potato.

While I lay there with ice chips. Alone.

Nice. Real nice.

I delivered two more children to that man....and never once did he leave during labor for hunger issues again. :)

Rebecca said...

That cracks me up! Zach was reading it with me....he knows better now!