Monday, October 12, 2009

Week Full of Friends!

Zach and I had an awesome week and weekend.

Wednesday, I met up with two girls I went to high school with, Mary (McDonald News) and Katie (The Sundseth Family). Mary is due at the end of October and Katie is due early November....probably will come sooner though. Both are having Boys! It was quite a sight seeing the 3 of us preggos walk in. We had lunch at Brio and caught up. It was great! Katie has two little ones and is expecting her third. She is already part of a Mom's group that gets together for lunch during the week. I am so excited to start attending once our little one comes, too.

Friday, Zach and I had dinner with two other friends from high school, Jessica and Jimmy. They just bought a home (Congrats AGAIN!) and invited us over. Their home is so makes me so excited for us to get into ours! It was great catching up since I hadn't really seen Jessica since February....Time really Flies!
Saturday, we met up with Laurie and Matt to cheer on Bama at The Hail Mary Pub. Oh did that just make me want a beer....I will get to enjoy at least one game this season with a nice cold one! Laurie and Matt are getting married in December and I am so excited for their wedding! They are such a fun couple! At half time, we headed back to the house to watch the rest of the game and play pool. Can't wait to spend more time with them soon!

And Finally Sunday, I attended a Baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Jenny (Adding a Branch). I have known her since I was in Kindergarten. We carpooled to school from then through High School....LOVE HER! She is due in January and didn't find out the gender either! Her shower was beautiful and she got so many great things. After the shower, Zach and I hung out with Kimberly, Cory and Carson! Carson has gotten so big and I realized I hadn't taken a picture of him since his birthday! What is wrong with me! So here are some:
We played Scategories....which is always very interesting and absolutely hilarious when you get the 4 of us together! I love that we will only be 30 minutes apart once we move. Love spending time with them!

On our list of things to do:
  • 2 Carseat bases are installed with seat protectors in freshly cleaned cars....I seriously think something is wrong with how calming cleaning is to me. One mirror is installed (Zach says he doesn't need one....I think he thinks he is too cool or something)!
  • Pack n' Play is ready for baby! We have the pack n' play with a bassinet and changing area so diapers and wipes are also ready. Batteries are soon to be purchased!
  • Boppy Bouncer is ready!
  • Boppy with cleaned slipcover is ready!
  • Clothes, burp clothes, receiving blankets, mittens, hats, etc. are being drefted as we speak!
  • My Little Lamb Swing is all ready to go!
  • Hospital Bag is being packed this week. I still need to run out and get a couple things!
We got so much accomplished this weekend....and yes I know it is early...but that is just how I am!


Carrie said...

You look great. I was early getting everything ready also. It is just so much fun getting things ready when you are expecting such a wonderful gift from God. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby!

Anonymous said...

aww wish i could have gone to the consignment thing with you!! i told katie i have had ZERO sleep the past week and feeling nauseous :( let me know how the shopping was and if you found anything awesome!