Monday, October 26, 2009

Roll Tide

Zach and I had an amazing weekend! Like I said before, there is nothing like being in Tuscaloosa on Game Day....especially on a huge rivalry weekend like Tennessee. Crystal and Riley set up a tent on the quad and we ate and ate and ate!!!! We watched the game at the tent next door and I almost sent myself into labor jumping up and down at the final play of the game.....WAY TOO CLOSE BAMA! But a W was earned, none the less! I got to see a ton of friends from college and we saw all our family which was great. I got a ton of walking in and told Zach that I needed to keep it up to help this baby come.

We heard a ton of guessing this weekend also....from the lady at the grocery store, the guy directing traffic at the game, the chef at the restaurant we went to on Friday, friends at the tailgate....everyone has mixed reasons for why they think the baby is what it is.....only 3 more weeks until we will know.....hopefully not too much later :)

And the new toy, ie my camera, did great this weekend! So convenient and I love it!

Crystal and I and our baby bumps!

Today, I got so much accomplished at Target.....I finished up our hospital bag...just need to pack Zach's pjs and clothes, but I told him he was in charge of that. I got lotion for massages, a mini electrical massager, thermacare heating pads, toiletries, hard candy, etc. I will be packing the ipod with my favorite music, some movies, and anything else I can think of that will help me stay entertained or distracted. Very exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.

Any other suggestions that help you all during labor?


Candace said...

This is supposed to be funny:

DRUGS helped me during labor. Good luck without them!


And they call it puppy love said...

Don't forget your focal point! Those socks in the hospital were WAY too big for Carson, I have some itty bitty ones if you want them. Take your computer, trust me there is plenty of time to post pics. As far as labor goes...afraid I am not too knowledgable in that'll be fine.

Carrie said...

bring card games like Uno or anything of that nature. If you like to scrapbook bring a little bit of that. Take a tennis ball for tough contractions so you don't break zacks hand.