Friday, September 4, 2009


Show us your life this week is School Pictures.....This should be interesting! I grew up in Lilburn, GA and went to St. John Neumann Catholic School and then went to St. Pius X High School. From my very first day of Kindergarten to my last day of my Senior Year, I wore a uniform.....and LOVED IT! But, I do always remember looking forward to picture day because it was "out-of-uniform" day! And we usually got a new outfit, which was always so exciting.

This was my first day of PreSchool....I would guess 1989.

This was the first day of school....I think 1993 so I would have been in 3rd grade.

I think this might be 4th grade.....1994

And possibly 5th grade....1995. This one has marker on the picture. You know how in grade school you would cut up all the little wallet size pictures and give them to all your friends. Well, I made sure never to leave anyone out and wrote everyone's name on the back of their picture. I guess the marker rubbed off.

This was my Swim Team picture from my Freshman year....2000.

This was my Swim Team picture from my Sophomore year 2001.

This was Golf Team picture from my Junior Year...2002. Not quite sure why I was on the golf team, since I can barely hit a golf ball to save my life!

And then my Senior Portraits.....2003. I can't believe how blonde I was!
And finally.....College Graduation from The University of Alabama in 2006....Roll Tide!


Jenna said...

Great Pics!! Your first day of preeschool is precious! I'm kind of glad we didn't have to have uniforms. Was it not boring having to wear the same thing daily??

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh I love the first sweet, it looks like you are holding your heart...precious! And to think before very long, you'll be posting these photos of your own one day!!

Bridgette said...

ROLL TIDE!!!!! :) Love the pictures!

Hollyhand House said...

oh these are too cute! you havent changed a whole lot!

Shoshanah said...

I went to public school, but still had to wear uniforms, at least in middle school. But we most definitely didn't get uniform free days on pictures days. I do remember a few girls trying to change into something else really quickly, but not being able to get away with it. It's nice that your school let you wear what you wanted on picture day