Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Hunters

First, let me catch you all up on our house hunting adventures over these last couple months....

We found a house back in June that we really liked...loved the area, school district, price...EVERYTHING! Put in a contract and did not get the home.

Then, we found another home....wasn't crazy about the area, but felt it could be a good match for us. Sent the contract in, was excepted, had the inspection and WE RAN!!!! Holy Cow was that inspection such a blessing! There was so much wrong with the home that didn't meet the eye. Then, we found another one that just went up that week and put in a contract....already had 12 other contracts!

So, after this Zach and I just felt that maybe this wasn't the time....We were trying so hard to find something and there was just nothing and we didn't want to just settle on anything! About a month ago, we got a call from our realtor letting us know that house #1 (the one with everything we liked) was going back on the market, but before they wanted to talk to us again to see if we were still interested....and of course, we were. We sent in our contract, it was accepted, signed the addendums, and these last couple days we have been waiting for the final round of signatures to make the contract binding. We got the final contract in on Monday and we are so excited!

Now for the hard part. We have the inspection tomorrow. Please pray for us and a great inspection....either for it to show us that this is supposed to be our home or show us that this is not where we want to be. Even though we do love everything about it, we are not going to get in over our heads. Just please say a little prayer for us tomorrow.

We know of some things that already need to be fixed....nothing we feel we can't handle...but we will see tomorrow what else there might be. If all goes well with the inspection, closing is October 20th!


And they call it puppy love said...

My fingers are very crossed, I can't wait for ya'll to live closer and our babies can play together on weekends!!!!!

The Sweet Life said...

Congrats...Good luck with the inspection.