Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hump Day Update

Another great week of accomplishing things on my 101 in 1001.

#88. I finally got our OWN Kroger Plus Card. If some of you don't know what this is, it is a HUGE money saver and I absolutely love Kroger grocery. I can go online to, see all the weekly specials, see all the coupons for the week, and simply add them onto my card! No cutting, even though I do love my coupon binder. You just scan your card at the beginning of check out and VIOLA....savings! I love getting that receipt at the end and seeing the dollar amount I saved....instant smile to my face!

#42. I have joined a book club! Angie Smith, from Bring the Rain , has started a book club with her best friend Jessica. It is an online book club, which I think is so cool. The book we will be reading is:
My sister has already read this book and said it was wonderful, so I can't wait to dive in. Every week, we read one chapter.....very doable...and have a discussion on Sundays! I went to LifeWay to pick up the book yesterday and picked these up too.....

Both cds are great...I can't stop listening to them! One of the group members of Selah, Todd, is Angie's husband...the woman starting the book club. His voice is just beautiful!

#12. I also started to be able to check off another number from my list at the store. I bought my Christmas Cards! Yes...I am aware it is September....but they were exactly what I was looking for and Buy 1, Get 1 Free....HELLO....of course I am going to buy them. Can't beat only spending $10 on Christmas cards. Plus, I have to plan ahead because I know my mind is going to be in another place come November.

#38. Zach and I have paid off one of our debts! What a great feeling! Not only is this number on my list a goal to pay off debts, but also not to enquire any more in the next 2 years....except, of course, the biggest debt of buying a house. More to eliminate buying on a whim with money that is not there.

#92. And last but certainly not least.....I made Monkey Bread yesterday morning for breakfast....Thanks Kim for the recipe! And it was HEAVENLY! Ooooy and Goooy perfection! This will not be the only time I make this though in the next 2 years....My husband didn't get to take part in the feast and he has got to enjoy this fattening, yummy, breakfast (more like dessert)!

*I found out yesterday that I am no longer a sub but now full time (meaning 20 hrs/week)at the YMCA. Very exciting for me!

*The baby has been kicking a ton....but it is very different. I feel the kicks more at the top of my belly bump and it feels exactly like a little heel. And it is constant at times. I love it!

*Saturday cannot get here soon enough!


The Sweet Life said...

I love NeedToBreathe.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Glad you enjoyed the monkey bread...i bet the baby did too! :)