Sunday, September 20, 2009

Couple Quick Thoughts

***Another wonderful Saturday of Alabama Football! Roll Tide....I can't wait for next Saturday and finally be playing another SEC team!

***Zach and I went to a couples shower last night for our friend's Matt and Laurie. What a great time! I don't think my tummy has been touched that much EVER and I loved it. Everyone is so excited for us and to see what the baby's gender will be.....lots of mixed opinions! I can't wait for Matt and Laurie's wedding in is sure to be a great time!

***I hit 32 weeks yesterday! YAY! Only 8 more weeks! I have been feeling kind of bad for Zach lately....I think he just might turn into a popsicle if he spends one more night with me. I am sleeping with the covers off trying my hardest not to die from being so hot and he has all the covers, snuggled very tightly in a little ball....HAHA....Okay, not that bad...but let's just say he really hates getting out of bed every morning with two fans blowing straight on him. Zach has been talking to the baby so much and I just cherish all these moments so much. As much as I don't think I will miss being pregnant...hello that means I have a beautiful baby instead....but I have very much enjoyed being preggo. Even though the kicks are now in my ribs, I love feeling the kicks....and even though it takes me an extra couple moves to get up so I don't hurt myself from the baby's position, I love that I can feel the baby's position! I just love this little baby so much....8 more weeks!

***I have my 32 week check up on Wednesday. I have a lot of questions to ask that I have been thinking about from our Baby class last week. Mainly on different procedures that take place during the last couple weeks and during labor and delivery. These classes have really been so worth it! Zach and I also watched the dvd "Happiest Baby on the Block"....Cory and Kimberly had this and told us we needed to watch it. Holy cow that pediatrician knows what he is doing. It is crazy how fast he can calm a baby! I would recommend googling it or watching it for yourself if you have a baby on the way....lots of great, helpful tips.

***The inspection went very well! Thank you so much for all your prayers! The inspector let us know of only 2 other things we didn't already know that needed to be fixed...SUCCESS! Now, we will be interviewing contractors to get estimates on the work that needs to be done...Probably going to be my favorite part! I love picking out finishes and decor and getting a great deal! Our set closing date is for October 20th....I can't wait! One of the most important things we will be talking to the contractors about in TIME! After closing, we have 25 days until our expected due date! That means, 25 days to paint, install flooring, update parts of the kitchen, do all the necessary work on the exterior, move in, unpack, clean, organize........ALL IN 25 DAYS! It so can be done! I am so excited to bring our baby home to it's actual HOME!

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The Sundseths said...

My hubby is freezing at night too!! I feel so bad but I'm so hot!!!

Congrats on the house! Let us know if you need any help!! Andrew did all the cabinets and tiling in our kitchen and bathrooms. So nice to have a handy hubby :)