Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Continued...

We spent the remainder of Christmas Day with my side of the family at Grammy and Papa's.  We did things a little bit different this year since our little family spent Christmas Morning at home instead of spending the night on Christmas Eve....Zach and I aren't sure how we felt about not being there the night before.  I think as years progress and the kids get older...we will enjoy Christmas Morning being just our family more and more.

We started the afternoon off with our traditional Stair Pictures.

Come on Mom...not another picture!

 Time for presents!
 The kids got these adorable winter hoodies from Aunt Laura...they all looked so cute in them!  I first unwrapped the tiger hoodie...that was trader real quick....sorry Rylee!
Evan got his Chair!  Once our tree comes down....both the kids chair will come into the living room for them to sit in!  
 The Doc is In!  Zoe was so excited to get a doctor's kit and scrubs!
 And everyone received a check up the rest of the day....whether they wanted one or not.
We got all the girls adorable shirts and earlier in the week I took them to see a 3D movie, out to lunch and a little dessert!
 I got Chrysti and Kaitlin these adorable jars that are etched....they can use them for yummy snacks or cookies...but I thought they would make really great Gratitude Jars!
Christmas Evening, we had my Uncle and his friend, Kane, over and Brad and Susan for dinner....this year we decided to veer from the norm of Ham and sides and did a big Italian Family Style dinner.  It was perfect and so yummy!  Don, Brenda, Garrett, Carrie and Taylor joined us for dessert, gifts and games.  I love The Stryszko's and they are such an amazing addition to our family!  I don't have one Christmas Memory that doesn't involve them!  Once things started to die down....the question of what game we were going to play came up.  We have a large crowd and it usually ends up the women playing and the men sleeping.  I wanted something for everyone this year....whether the men wanted to partake or NOT!  The game of choice this Christmas was good ole fashion Charades...and it was a total hit!  We all had so much fun and it really made the evening so enjoyable!

A truly Blessed Christmas celebration!  Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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