Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa came to The Phillips' House

We had such a wonderful Christmas morning...just the 4 of us!

Santa must of thought these kiddos were perfect this year because he left nothing out!

 It was love at first sight!  The kid LOVED his truck!

 And it took all but 5 seconds for Zoe to be stripped out of her pjs and transform into Cinderella!
 And 5 more seconds for her to run to her room and get her Cinderella dolls new best friends!

Time for stockings!  Both the kids got Toy Story stuffed animals, shampoo, body wash, 2 sippy cups and a M&M Candy Cane.

 On to our family gifts....I can't wait until the kids can go shopping for one another and we can have dates to have them pick things out for Mommy and Daddy....all in due time.

We started to get everything ready for breakfast until Zach got on facebook and saw that everyone at my parents' house were already playing cards and he was ready to go!  So we put of breakfast
and headed over to Grammy and Papa's for the rest of the day!

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