Saturday, January 19, 2013

Evan's Eight

I feel like Evan gets a major shaft on the good ole blog.  So I have decided to dedicate a fun little post all about my Baby Boy to the line up.  Eight fun facts about Evan!  I like it!
Evan is a monster eater!  Even though he has begun to get more picky, he eats at any chance he can get.  He says "Bite" and "More"...A LOT!

Evan is quite mischievous. You would think he is a magician!  In one week, we lost our TV remote and 2 sets of keys to this little booger.  After searching far and wide, we came to the conclusion they were put in the trash can...probably in the trash bag that had been taken away a day earlier by the lovely garbage men.

Evan is really understanding everything we say now.  He follows commands, listens to us when we say "no"[that is when he wants to], can repeat us and so on.  So big!
Evan loves to pester his sister...every waking hour...of every single day.  Boys will be boys!

Evan is my little musician.  He loves music.  He loves to be sung to.  He loves to make music.  He loves to sing back to you when you sing him a tune.
Evan is unacceptably obsessed with his pacie.  They are inseparable and I dread the day we take it away from him.

Evan is talking like crazy!  Some of the latest additions to his vocabulary are "stuck" [when he purposefully puts his leg into something and can't get it out] "apple" "shoe" "sit down" "cheese" "chair" "pacie" "papa" "car"...I am sure there are many more.  These are the ones I hear most often.

Evan now has 11 teeth.  Both sets of front 4 teeth, both bottom molars and 1 top...but the 12th will makes its debut very soon [from the looks of his diaper]

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Becca {Becoming Adorrable} said...

Sometimes I think little girls are just more fun for moms to talk about and show off. Evan is photo worthy though! He's looking a lot like his dad in these pictures.