Saturday, January 19, 2013

C Week: Monday

Monday, we had a jam packed day full of Letter C Fun!  We had a very relaxed early morning before getting started.  I started by introducing our letter of the week with Zoe's mail box.  I searched around the house for lots of "C" items.  We took each item out and sounded it out...emphazing the C sound.
After Breakfast, we started with a book all about Cars and then painted our very own race car!  Something I  have really been working on with Zoe is the way she holds her utensils, whether it be a paint brush, pencil, crayon...She is really getting it!

 While the painted dried on the car, we did a color activity.  This activity was hard for Zoe because she had to pinch the clothespin and try to clip it onto the was not easy for her at all.  She got really frustrated but kept at it!  
We also talked about the difference between a Cross and Crucifix.  In the Catholic Faith, you often see a Crucifix rather than just a Cross.  The Crucifix is a beautiful reminder of the Ultimate Sacrifice made for our Salvation and a very important lesson to be taught!  Zoe knows the Crucifix well.  We say Hi and Bye to Jesus every time we come and go to Church.  Zoe even asked "Where is Jesus?" when she saw a friend's cross necklace.  Very observant and well...blount!  She cracks me up!
 Once the car was done, we added all the stickers and she was oh so excited!
 Before heading off to naps, we had lunch....a car themed lunch!
 We also had some fun in the kitchen and baked from scratch Chocolate Chip Cookies!  They were SO GOOD!
 Zoe loved holding the measuring tools while I poured the ingredients in....she squealed every time we added something to the mixing bowl...such a GIRL!
While the cookies baked, Daddy and Miss Z worked on cutting.  There was a fun activity in her Disney Junior Magazine for matching that they had to cut out.
 And then the cookies were DONE and I had some very happy kiddos!

Monday was PACKED!  After we got done with the cookies, Zoe literally asked to have quiet time in her room.  I'd say that is one successful day!

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chrysti carpenter said...

I am so proud of you...using your kitchen aid! Looks like a fun day! I can't wait to do preschool stuff again!