Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Visit to Covecrest

We had a wonderful over night trip to Covecrest at the beginning of the week.  I've said it once and I'll say it again....I just love this place!  And lucky for do my kiddos.  We headed to the mountains to celebrate Chrysti and Kaitlin's birthdays....but sadly Chrysti had to cancel last minute.

We started the trip with Mass at St. Helena.  Tough times in the Vestibule that ECHOED!  Evan discovered his voice was loud and strong, so we ended up outside after the Homily.  Rough!  After Mass, the kids had about had it (and I might have been in tears) so we headed up to Camp for lunch and naps, while my mom went to the grocery store to get all the ingredients for the Pinterest Recipes Kaitlin wanted to try.  3 hours later, Mom arrived with 3 extra bottles of wine....and the groceries.  She decided to visit a local herself...and proceeded to have a wine herself!  She was kind enough to bring back her 3 (out of the 8 she tried) favorites and we had a mini wine tasting of our own.

It is so nice to get a breathe of fresh take walks and not worry about your kids running into the street.
We got to the playground just in time to play with all the kids that attend the Montessori and Elementary school.  And what is a visit to Covecrest without a hi hello to the chickens!

 The kids did great and went straight to sleep Sunday night!  We enjoyed Lime Cilantro Enchiladas....SO GOOD and our wine tasting.  We finished the night off with a chick flick night with Little of my family's absolute favorites! 

Overall, a wonderful trip to a wonderful place!

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