Saturday, January 19, 2013

C Week: Thursday

Well, Thursday was bittersweet.  We had made fun plans to spend the afternoon with The Hollyhand's at the Children's Hands On Museum in Tuscaloosa...but I woke up at 11 to a blanket of snow.  So instead we had a really fun Snow Day!  The South's weather is so crazy!  When we left home on Tuesday, it was raining and 60ish; so I packed rain boots, no jackets and warmer weather winter clothes.  FAIL!  Luckily, Zach's mom throws nothing away and had some smaller winter attire around the house so Zoe could play!

What better way to warm up from playing in the snow than Hot Cocoa! didn't take long to get bundled up again and get right back out in the snow!
But this time...she had her cousins to play with!

And she learned quickly all about Snow Ball Fights!  Boys will be boys!
Our attempt at a Snow Man...couldn't get past the booty because Zoe thought it was hilarious to knock over his torso every time Holly would add it!
My Snow Angel!
Luckily for us, the snow was practically gone by 3 and we could safely head home to see our Daddy!

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