Monday, January 7, 2013


Poor Zoe...she is so confused!  I grew up watching only one team when it came to College Football...The Fighting Irish.  My Elementary School's fight song was even to the same tune as Notre Dame's.  I could still sing it for you in it's entirety if you would like.  Ruby was one of my first football movies...I remember the first time watching it.  If you are are a Notre Dame association.  It is just how it is.

Then I attended The University of Alabama for undergrad, where football literally is a religion, and found a new favorite, a favorite team of my very own!  Love me some Alabama Football!  Roll Tide Roll!

So needless to say...throughout the season...we cheer for both teams....Zach was so excited when he became Catholic because he said now he can cheer for the Catholic team...haha.  Never did we think that both our teams would make it to the National Championship!  Poor Little Zoe is so confused....I can cheer for the Irish...only sometimes?

Tonight we cheer for BAMA!  Roll Tide Roll!  B...A...M...A Bama all the way!

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Christina said...

haha love! too bad the wrong team won ;) St. John Neumann Regional School pride and tradition old golden rule, we're the first in 25...