Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I am Loving

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~Home Decor~

This weekend, me and my mama will be painting my room and Zoe's Big girl room! I am so excited to have these projects complete! Zach has the day off, so Zoe and Zach will be having a Daddy & Daughter Day while we do all the work...haha. On top of painting, I got my Mother's Day Gift! I have been loving this bed....
But I have not been loving the price. One of my 101 in 1001 was to do me and Zach's room in cash only! No financing any furniture! This bed was not I am using some creativity to try and achieve something similar. For my Mother's Day Gift, I found a brass bed for sale on Craig's List (LOVE this place too) and I am going to paint it the antique white finish like the one in the picture. Wish me luck!

~A Talker~

I am loving that my Zoe Zoo is talking up a storm. She can repeat almost anything, in her own little way, now. She tells us what she wants and repeats names of her friends and so much more. It makes things so much easier! What I am loving the most is when she says "juice"!
I LOVE that she puckers her lips all the way out as far as they will go! It is so cute!

~Home Sweet Home~

I am loving that my Brother-in-law, Joe, will be arriving home tomorrow morning from his deployment to the Middle East! Joe has been gone since August...I can't believe he is finally going to be home!

~Green Grass~

I am loving that if our neighborhood had a "Yard of the Month", we would totally win! Since we moved in, Zach has been working hard to get our yard in tip top shape. This summer it looks fabulous! I love laying in the grass after it has been mowed and breathing it all in. I love swinging Zoe in the backyard and having feeling the grass beneath my toes. I love our yard!


Lisa said...

Great list and cute blog! I love the way little kids say juice. My daughter calls everything juice even though she rarely gets any!

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

I'm loving the look of that room design. Can't wait to see how the bed turns out!