Tuesday, May 24, 2011

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 Weeks....3rd Trimester!

Size of Baby: Baby #3 weighs about 2 and a quarter pounds and measures 14.8 inches long. Lots of brain development is going on and gaining of weight to prepare for birth!

Weight Gain: +21

Maternity Clothes: Sticking to my dresses and comfy tank tops.

Gender: Come on August!!!! Can't wait to meet this little one and see who it is!

Movement: Same old squirmy wormy this week. You can feel a foot though or a larger area...probably a bottom, when the baby is moving. Stronger jabs are in the top left of my tummy and under my belly button area (very painful) and smaller jabs at the bottom right. So I am thinking the feet are in the top left and arms are bottom right. We will see.

Sleep: Better week of sleep. I am trying to only take naps on the days I work. Otherwise, I can't sleep that night at a reasonable time. I have started to toss and turn some to get comfortable. And the dreams have picked back up!

Symptoms: I have been having a ton of Braxton Hicks at all different times of the day. Sometimes they are really tight and painful, but most of the time, I just notice it and go on my way. Lots of ligament pains on my right side and I believe swelling has started (minimally). At this point, I feel like I am carrying around two cantaloupes and a big watermelon...everything is SO BIG! My girls are getting a lot harder, which leads me to believe the ducts are working their magic. Still have been very emotional, but I am more aware and am trying to control it a little bit better. And I am still having pain in my left legs when I stand on hard surfaces too long. I am going to have to say goodbye to my loved PB&Js....too much reflux after peanut butter :(

Best Moment of the Week: The last part of the week, I got to spend with my nieces. It was so nice getting to see them since it has been since Christmas. Zoe did great playing with them and loved having big girls all over the place! It was definitely an eye opener taking care of FIVE....while being pregnant...not something I foresee in the future for our little family!

Feeling the Baby so much is definitely something that makes my days! I just hold my tummy and talk to him/her and can't wait to actually hold him/her in my arms!


Elizabeth said...

love this update! it's fun to have someone a few weeks ahead of me to know what to expect (and not just from the pregnancy books!) you're looking fabulous :)

kimberly t. bowling said...

that baby bump is ADORABLE!