Friday, May 6, 2011

A Total Success!

Although I knew Zoe was sooo ready for a big girl toddler bed, I was still hesitant....I mean....Baby is officially gone at this point. And that deserves a little hesitation. But I am so proud of our little her toddler bed.
Zoe was so excited while Zach was setting every thing up....she wanted to be right in the action!

I mean more baby :(

Getting ready for bed and she was so excited!

Saying our prayers! Zoe is slightly obsessed with her rosary!
Zoe and her entourage of friends...there is Bear, Bunny, Mickey, Minnie, Lamb, Baby, Lion, Pig the Pillow Pet and Blankie. And she loves to sleep with them ALL!
Night, Night, Baby. The first night Zoe threw a little bit of a tantrum going to little I mean a lot :/. Zach said she was banging on the door and screaming Daddy....then nicely asking for Daddy...then back to screaming. He said it lasted about 15 minutes. But he held strong and she was her bed....with her shoes?
So nighttime was a success. Zoe slept until 8:45 and I was one happy Mommy. Next was naptime! First nap...PERFECT....second nap....A little bit harder, but still a success

And night #2....Success....This was at 2:30am when I got home. Is that not just precious?

And at 8:30 this morning, she was up and ready for "Baffle", "Baba" and "Minnie"!

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mary said...

omg too cute! haha i still can't believe how much she and joshua look alike!