Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I am Loving

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I am LOVING Biggest Loser! Since we have not had television, I missed, I think, 2 seasons....including majority of this current one. But, last night, I watched...don't know why Hubby gave me control of the Remote....something having to do with being obsessed with Prison Break on Netflix...whatever...and I got to pick what I wanted to watch. BIGGEST LOSER! They are down to the finally 4 and all are home now. Three are women and I must say ...they are so encouraging!

I am also LOVING my own Biggest Loser's in my life!

I watched this show with my dad for years...either together or talked about it the next day. I am SO proud of HIM! It finally clicked that even though he was not 400 lbs...that he was not living a healthy lifestyle and he would be on his way out soon if he didn't do something about it. My Dad is down at least 60 lbs...if not more...I am sure it is more...and now going to a personal trainer! The man is exercising and I can't believe it! I know in order for people to really loss weight and succeed, they have to do it for themselves and want it for themselves, but I can't help think that he is doing this for me, too. My Dad loosing weight and getting healthy means I get more of my life with him....He will get to be active with my kids....He will hopefully get to see his great grandchildren and maybe even his great-great grandchildren. I am so proud of you, Dad!

My other Biggest Loser didn't really start big....she started Post-Preggo....and I hear the second time around, losing the weight is so much harder...blah! But she inspires me! She started running about 1 year ago...maybe a little bit less...and you wouldn't even recognize her today. She is lean and beautiful, motivated and amazing! She is a kick butt runner and I CANNOT wait to run with her...well, lets be real...behind her. She ran her first 1/2 marathon in March and she will be running her 1st MARATHON in November!


I heart my Zoe Zoo!I think she got a tart or really cold strawberry...hahah


I am LOVING that I am almost to the third trimester, less than a week!!!! And everything is downhill and in countdown mode from there!


Elizabeth said...

YAY! Thanks for finding my blog :) I had a feeling when I met you that you were a fellow blogger (is that weird?) Looking forward to staying caught up :)

Chelsea said...

I just found your blog, and I love your story! So inspiring! Your little Zoe is just precious!