Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday, the baby had hiccups for the first time. It was such a weird but cool feeling. Cravings are gone...thank goodness. Those milkshakes tasted so good, but were not a positive thing for the growing hips. My mom, sister and I went for a walk around a local park yesterday morning. The extra weight is definitely putting more pressure on me but it felt so good to get out there and exercise.

From Baby Center, they let me know that our little one will be opening and closing their eyes soon. It also said to not lie on my back. This may be a problem....that is how I am most comfortable right now sleeping. Before it would pull and was very uncomfortable, but now it is the way I get the most rest. I do sleep on my sides too, it just always seems like I end up on my back.

This is my last week with Phoebe, but I am so blessed to have another job already lined up. I will be starting with a new family next Tuesday. They live in Loganville, about 15 minutes north of Snellville...a much better commute! The little girl is 2 years old and so adorable. I am very much looking forward to staying busy these next couple months. After sitting around my whole 1st trimester, I can't do that again.

Last note.....It's Carson SOOOO cute!

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