Saturday, August 22, 2009

28 Weeks = 3rd Trimester = I feel HORRIBLE!

I have had absolutely AMAZING luck throughout this pregnancy...I have felt great and loved every minute of it. Until this morning.....not feeling so hot. I am hoping it is just today and something I ate...but still no fun.

Today, I hit my 28 week mark.....HELLO 3rd Trimester. I am so excited to say that! I started working out and it felt so wonderful. At the Y, all the cardio equipment has its own TV with Dvd player. I am going to love this! I worked out on the elliptical and definitely felt some liagment pains on my side....but nothing that was too bad to not work out. All that I seem to think about though is running and how good it is going to feel. Crazy, I know.

Wednesday, Zach and I attended our last Showing & Glowing class. Again, very knowledgeable and I am glad we went. This week we learned more about anatomy and physiology. Saw some visuals of what 10cm actually looks like....WOW and OUCH! Learned some important lingo so we actually know what the doctor is talking about and saw the infamous birth video....Poor Zach...he had quite a tough time. At one point, I looked over at him and both hands were over his mouth and eyes were squinted....He looked like me when I watch a horror movie....haha. I guess in his world...this was a horror movie. We also practiced some more relaxation techniques and I will definitely be going to the store and picking up a massage tool for the hospital bag. Our next class, Ready & Able, starts on September 2nd and is 4 weeks long. We will have the same nurse teaching us and the couples in S & G are in this class, too. Ready & Able is all about preparing us for Delivery! Our instructor told us to bring pillows every week and expect to be on the mats the entire time. I am very much looking forward to these next couple weeks.

I have my 28 week appointment on Monday. Same old, same old....I am pretty sure. And after Monday, I will be going every 2 weeks....CRAZY! The baby moves a lot more a night now. I wake up randomly almost every night for about 1 to 2 hours and there is a party going on in my belly. But it makes being up by myself much more enjoyable.

This past week, Zach and I and my sister went to take some maternity shots. Here are some of my favorites:


Amanda and Keith said...

I love the Pictures!! I know you feel horrible but it is all worth it!!

Kari said...

Those are beautiful. How exciting that you're in your 3rd trimester now. You look beautiful. And isn't it the best feeling to be tickled from the inside? Love it.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Great shots, thanks for sharing. I know you and Zach are getting SO VERY EXCITED!!! I am still so proud of you for NOT caving in and finding out! :) I promise it will be worth all the anticipation the second they pull that little wonder from your womb!! :)

And they call it puppy love said...

Wow, love the pics, they turned out really good!