Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Call me Mrs. Moody

Some may not believe this....but I absolutely hate being moody. But what I hate more is when I realize, dead in my tracks, that I am having a HUGE mood swing. Different things lately have just completely flipped my mood upside down in a split second! I just find myself crying for stupid reasons or no reason at all. I feel so bad for Zach too because he usually is in the center of it all...who better to take things out on than your husband (it really isn't fair, I know).

I am guessing these lovely swings in mood are due to a mixture of being tired, fat, knowing I am getting fatter, being bloated, having indigestion, waddling, forgetting things left and right, swelling, aching....I mean wouldn't any ONE of these things send you into a frenzy....but for them all to happen at the same time! Give me a break! The joys of being a woman. And yes, I know it is all worth it...I just hope that the person who comes across me during a mood swing thinks so too.

On a lighter note.....Zach and I have so much to look forward to in the coming weeks! I am pretty sure every weekend but 3 are full of things to do up until our little one arrives (that is if he/she is on time).

Aug. 28-30
Beth Moore Conference (can't wait) and Misty, Shawn and the girls are visiting!
September 4-6
Alabama football season begins in Atlanta against Virgina Tech......I can hear Rammer Jammer being sung already! Pre-season ranking: #5 Roll Tide! And Zach and I will have been married 1 year! Yay for us!
September 11-13
Friday night we are going to celebrate our Anniversary seeing Chicago at The Fox Theatre and spending the night at The Georgian Terrace! Then Berry Bound for my first baby shower. Then back to Atlanta for a "good-bye" dinner for Kaitlin.
September 18-20
The weekend starts with training for fun, but I get paid. Then we have a couples shower for a friend from church Saturday night which will be a blast!
September 25-27
Hopefully going to be able to travel to Tuscaloosa to celebrate our niece, Kendall's, 1st birthday and then get some tailgating in for the Alabama vs. Arkansas game. Go BAMA!
October 2-4
Should include relaxing and watching Alabama vs. Kentucky (Can you tell I love football season yet?) Also, celebrating our little bundle of joy with all my friends and family in Atlanta at my 2nd baby shower.
October 9-11
This weekend is up in the air. Two great friends of mine just recently got engaged and are having a party in Nashville. As much as I want to be there, we will see how I feel. And one other great friend of mine has a baby shower that Sunday. This is also Bama vs. Ole Miss...should be a great game this year! ALA.....BAMA!
October 16-18
One weekend so far that we have nothing planned....I hope this weekend includes putting my feet up and watching Alabama vs. South Carolina! Roll Tide Roll!
October 23-25
Zach has a "Boys" weekend planned in Tuscaloosa. Depending on how I feel, I may make the trip with him to have some much needed girl time before the baby arrives and to get some great tailgating in for the Alabama vs. Tennessee game. The song for this one isn't blog appropriate.
October 30- Novemebr 1
Second weekend we have nothing planned...possibly eating all the Halloween Candy I am supposed to pass out.
November 6-8
One of the biggest games of the season....Alabama vs. LSU...I always look forward to this Saturday. Hopefully, I won't be watching it from a hospital bed....but then again that wouldn't be so bad :) But nothing else planned otherwise....expect of course getting everything ready for the baby's arrival!
November 13-15
Baby Phillips is due to arrive. We will see!!!
And then we will be able to sit down and breathe....YEA RIGHT!


The Cannons said...

LOVE the new back ground!! By the way, you can look forward to an additional six weeks of MAJOR mood swings after his birth!!ha

Crystal said...

I had one of my first experiences with a true mood swing the other night. I just got mad (for no reason at all) and then when we were in bed and Riley was being sweet and rubbing my back, I started crying! haha...He said what is wrong and couldnt understand when i said I dont know...nothing! How crazy!