Saturday, August 1, 2009

101 in 1001

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific with a result, that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching.

I love this concept. It is a way of improving your life, achieving goals, and make life interesting and fun. My 1001 days starts today!

Start Date: August 1, 2009
End Date: April 28, 2012

My 101 in 1001:
1. Join a Bible Study.
2. Send 50 cards in the mail for random reasons (1/50).
3. Travel outside of the United States.
4. Take a family vacation to the beach.
5. Attend an Alabama Football game.
6. Go to a cooking class.
7. Run 3 Half Marathons (0/3).
8. Join the Library.
9. Make new friends.
10. Volunteer to a cause I feel strongly about.
11. Start a daily devotional.
12. Send Christmas Cards.
13. Get a dog.
14. Buy a House.
15. Pray more.
16. Take “me” time.
17. Join a Church (not just attend).
18. Do something special for my husband on the 6th of every month.
19. Visit my Pop Pop.
20. Visit my Grandma.
21. Go to the park for a picnic.
22. Go to Six Flags and ride roller coasters.
23. Try sushi (it may take me all 1001 days).
24. Pray every night with our child before bed.
25. Read 10 Books (0/10).
26. Take a weekend getaway with my Husband.
27. Start a new hobby.
28. Go on a mission trip.
29. Lose 40 pounds after November 2009 (30/40)....and then 10 more!
30. Learn to Sew.
31. Participate in the Peachtree Road Race.
32. Forgive and ask for Forgiveness.
33. Let people know how much I appreciate them.
34. During Lent, really give up something that matters.
35. Make sure my child understands the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.
36. Send someone flowers.
37. Go Whitewater Rafting.
38. Pay off all our Debits.
39. Go to the dentist at least once a year (1/3).
40. Get portraits made of our baby for every birthday.
41. Save $10,000.
42. Join or start a book club.
43. Go 1 week without Television.
44. Go Camping.
45. Start family traditions.
46. Watch all of the Masters.
47. Go on a date night once a Month (3/33).
48. Make someone’s day.
49. Have a Mom and Me day.
50. Get a massage.
51. Not go out to eat for 1 month.
52. Go to a concert at Chastain.
53. Watch a Doris Day movie that I have never seen.
54. Start a coupon binder and actually use the coupons.
55. Wear heels once a month (0/33).
56. Exercise when watching The Biggest Loser.
57. Stay in a hotel for absolutely no reason but to stay there.
58. Plan a daycation.
59. Think before I speak.
60. Plant tulips.
61. Make smores.
62. Take vitamins.
63. Go to a strawberry farm.
64. Have a live Christmas Tree.
65. Buy a new lens for the camera.
66. Throw a party.
67. Get a year pass to Stone Mountain Park.
68. Make cannolis from scratch.
69. Read What to Expect in the First Year.
70. Give my husband and baby a kiss and tell them I love them every day.
71. Only shop along the perimeter of the grocery store for 1 month.
72. Get a facial.
73. Take my contacts out every night.
74. Never put my husband or marriage second on my priority list.
75. Have a pajama day with chick flicks and chocolate.
76. Instead of giving gifts to all the children in our family at Christmas, let them pick a gift out to give to a child in need.
77. Buy a bedroom suit in cash (even if in stages).
78. Watch a scary movie with Zach without complaining.
79. Fill out the Baby Book.
80. Find a MOPS or other Mom’s group to get involved with.
81. Take care of my nails.
82. Go to a Midnight Movie.
83. Wear earrings more.
84. Send out Birth Announcements before December 20, 2009.
85. Do 10 different crafts from Family Fun Magazine (0/10).
86. Finish The Twilight Series.
87. Buy a Nativity Scene.
88. Get our own Kroger Plus Card.
89. Attend Mass at least twice a week during Lent.
90. Make a birthday cake every Christmas.
91. Leave the Credit Card at home for 1 month.
92. Make Monkey Bread.
93. Buy a new Designer Purse.
94. Save some $ Amount from every paycheck.
95. Go to 20 places I have never been before (0/20).
96. Visit a vineyard and participate in a wine tasting.
97. Take a girl’s weekend with my friends.
98. Receive no speeding tickets.
99. Purchase a Calendar to stay organized.
100. Make dinner for a friend in need.
101. Keep a Journal of Photos and Thoughts for every task completed on this list.
Italics = In Progress
Strickthrough = Task Completed


kimberly t. bowling said...

love your 101...and what a great idea...i may have to jot a few down in a notebook myself...using some of yours, too.

HaNgiN' wiTh tHe BrAdfORdS said...

SUCH a cool idea!!