Thursday, August 6, 2009

Showing & Glowing

Yesterday, Zach and I attended our first preparation class. We both actually enjoyed it a lot. We are one of 3 couples, so a very intimate class. We all introduced ourselves and got to know each other. One woman is 2 weeks ahead of me and the other is a couples weeks behind me. We of course are the only ones not finding out the sex....the other were having a boy and a girl.

We went over some of the old wives tales and some other myths. One that I thought was true but the instructor reassured me it wasn't was that you CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding. I thought you couldn't.....Thank Goodness I found this out NOW! Another thing that I am looking forward to looking more into is Sign Language for infants. There are classes provided so I may be signing up for this one. We also practiced different exercises on mats, the wall and the exercise balls that will ease pain in our backs and joints now and during labor. We learned symptoms of preterm labor....hopefully we won't have to worry about this and how to avoid or deal with gestational diabetes....don't have to worry about this.

The other helpful hint I got from the class is that babies will block out noises while sleeping once they get used to them (as early as two or three days after birth)....which means when you have the house completely quiet during a nap or bedtime, the baby is not able to learn to sleep through things and will wake up to anything. Note taken! Everything was very informative and I am glad I signed us up. Our next class is on the 12th.


And they call it puppy love said...

That last statement is very true, our dogs barking doesn't bother Carson at all, he doesn't even notice them.

Raegan & Caleb said...

We (and school) are teaching Isabelle sign language. It's so nice when they can communicate with you even though they can't talk. You can find plenty of books and flash cards out there. I sometimes need a cheat sheet, so the flash cards are great.

Isabelle was about a year old before she started signing back to us. I think she's up to 4-5 signs now. I recommend teaching the sign language. It can make those tantrums a tad bit easier.

Kelly said...

Congrats on your baby! I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant with my first. We are so excited! That's an awesome tip about the baby sleeping! Thanks for sharing.