Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Week

My, O My has it been a crazy week. It all started with me finding out I didn't actually have a job with the family in Loganville, news to me. She let me know she would rather have someone take care of her child steadily without breaks and maybe it would be better for me to just start in January. We will see. I understand what she is thinking completely....I just wish she had voiced that to me in the interview rather than the day I was supposed to start. So the day ended up being another restful day with lots of boredom! I hate being bored!

Yesterday, I read a ton.....I love reading on rainy days! Zach and I also had our 2nd Showing & Glowing Class. This week had a lot to do with communication and how vital it is to talk about things NOW and not when the baby arrives....I could not agree more! I obviously have way more anxiety than Zach...but it is important to me for him to understand why. I have been told that most of the anxieties I have now will fade away once the baby arrives....I sure do hope so! One of the exercises in the class was a list of different things and Zach and I (separately) had to agree or disagree and then compare. We agreed on almost everything! Yay for us! One thing on the quiz that I was worried about was the situation of having the baby sleep with us. I am strongly in favor of routines and conditioning the baby to sleep on its own as soon as possible. And he agreed....Things are so much easier when you agree! We also did an exercise for relaxation....Zach of course fell asleep...gotta love him! I think most of my concerns come because of the time of year our baby will be born. November is at the peak of flu season and colds are everywhere! I just worry about the little one and its brand new immune system having to travel and be out of its environment for too long so soon....once again....I hope these things fade!

Today.....oh what a day! Zach woke up last night in a ton of pain in his mouth....bless his heart. We have been looking into dentists and saving for visits....but he needed help IMMEDIATELY. Luckily, we were able to get in with a dentist, now our family dentist, this morning! From 8:30-12:00, Zach and I sat at the office and he had work done to alleviate the pain. Now he is up resting and on some great painkillers :) I have a happy husband!

Soooo.....updates on my 101 in 1001! I have been doing really well!

1. Join a Bible Study.

Well, it isn't exactly a Bible Study....although I do want to join a Bible Study (especially one by Beth Moore), I am looking into taking a Apologetics class on Thursday nights from 7:30-9 starting in September. I have heard wonderful things about these types of courses. This course will teach me to convincingly defend my belief in God, in Jesus Christ as His unique Son, and in my Catholic Faith. Who could ask for more?

7. Run 3 Half Marathons.

I have looked into our first 1/2 marathon....The Country Music Half Marathon! It is in Nashville on April 24th! Call me crazy....but I crave running! When I see someone running....I just want to be out there too! I am going to register before the end of the year and training will begin in January! Can't wait!

18. Do something nice for my husband on the 6th of every month.

On the August 6th, I wrote Zach a sweet message and when I went to the grocery, I saw that his favorite Gobstoppers were 10 for I didn't buy 10....I bought 5 for him and then 5 of my favorite candies that were also part of the deal....but He was thrilled. Needless to say, I will not be buying candies for some time due to the Dentist visits!

39. Go to the dentist at least once a year.

Check for 2009! I have scheduled myself for a cleaning on September 1st! I can't get X-rays due to the growing one inside me, but have planned another visit at the beginning of next year for that. I have heard that getting your teeth cleaned during pregnancy can be a good thing....I heard one story though about a woman who went after she had her baby and had 10 cavities due to calcium loss in her teeth....Have any of you had this happen???

54. Start a Coupon Binder...and actually use it!

Last week, I picked up a mini binder from the Target $1 Isle (it can fit in my purse....perfect) and it has one coupon in it....YES! I joined Publix Baby Club which sends coupons in the mail for various baby products each week. Come November, I am joining Costco's or Sam's and can't wait....just thinking about how much I will save buying in bulk makes me glow! I also have heard a lot about various websites like Coupon Mom that I want to visit more often and get coupons from for grocery visits. It just blows my mind away at how much I spend for 2 people to eat every week! I want to make a lasting budget that I can easily stick to and feel comfortable with....a big goal!

50. Get a massage.


55. Wear heels once a month.

So bummed! Planned on wearing heels for Kaitlin's graduation on Monday (but of course brought my rainbows just in case) and totally left the heels on the Kitchen floor!

86. Finish the Twilight Series.

Halfway done with Eclipse. I so wish I had read them all back to back. I should have read the last couple of chapters of New Moon before starting Eclipse to refresh my memory, but too late.

Not too Shabby...I hope you all are having a great week!


Candace said...

I almost need to see your blog as I type because there is so much to respond to! :)

1. As far as the flu - you can get the shot while your pregnant. My ob/gyn provided the shot for free when I went in for my regular check-up and for Jonathan it was only $20 - they did him there too.

2. Going to the dentist while pregnant is definitely a good thing. You get more build up on your teeth when you're pregnant - I have no clue why, but you do.

3. Good luck with your list. I want to do that, but I'm scared of the commitment - what does that say about me? haha!

Hollyhand House said...

I am thinking about joining a Beth Moore bible study at our church!

Rebecca said...

The lady I worked for in Gulf SHores was part of a study of Beth's and She had the women over and I overheard everything and loved Beth's enthusiasm....very interesting and entertaining...and inspiring!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Beth Moore bible studies are beyond fantastic....she is a wonderful speaker. I've done several of her bible studies, but none in the last couple of years. Want to do one again myself, soon. Bought her workbook on the study of Esther -- "It's tough being a woman". Sounded good, can't wait to work through it. Even if alone.

Also been to a few of her conferences in different cities...those are AWESOME!! If you ever get a chance to go to one, by all means attend! You will be blessed.

The Sweet Life said...

I am obsessed with Apologetics. The church I go to when I am in Tuscaloosa did a series on it and had a guy come and talk to was awesome! I would love to learn how to defend my Christianity better. Also, Heather and I drove back from Indiana yesterday and read the last half of Eclipse...I have already finished the whole saga, but I made her read it out loud to me. I love it! You will love Breaking Dawn!