Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No sitting around for me!

When one door closes, another door opens....I love how this seems to work. As you know, I found out last Tuesday, I never had the job with the family in Loganville. Now, I have been hired and started working on Monday at the Gwinnett YMCA as a counselor for after school programs. I have enjoyed this so much so far. I travel to various elementary schools and play games, help with homework and supervise a group of children from 2-6:30...give or take. Right now I am a sub...going where ever they need me...but when a stationary position comes open at one of the schools, I will be hired on full time. This works great for Zach and me, especially when the baby comes because it is opposite of his work schedule and still gets me home in time for dinner! The other absolutely wonderful thing about this job, that I think I am more excited about, is the FREE MEMBERSHIP I now have to the Y, which will be so great when training for our races and teaching the baby to swim.

Since I now have a membership to a gym and mornings free....Labor Training will be starting very soon.....November 14th is approaching quickly. I have been told time and time again that labor is a marathon not a sprint. Having run a marathon before....I know exactly what someone means by this phrase. A marathon has to be trained for.....mentally and physically. It is not something that one just sits back and should expect to be able to do easily. One thing I do know about myself from running a marathon is that I am very mentally strong. I would say, for me, that running a marathon was 10% physical and 90% mental. Nothing can talk you into or out of something quicker than your own thoughts. With that being said, the elliptical and I will be becoming very good friends soon. I have been looking into other exercises that will help with labor and everywhere I have read to do Tailor Sitting, Squats and Pelvic Tilts.

I have also looked into which group aerobics classes are offered everyday. I can't wait to take a Yoga class because I definitely need help on breathing! I also can't wait for a spinning class once the baby is here....I have wanted to take one for a while now....inspiration from the Biggest Loser.


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