Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas Morning came quick...never enough sleep!  But it is so fun seeing the girls get so excited to come down the stairs and see what Grammy and Pap got them for Christmas!  This year I set my alarm because we slept in the basement and Zoe was upstairs, so I didn't want her waking up screaming for us and us not hear her.  While waiting...all the adults got some much needed coffee, started the fire, put breakfast in the oven...and relaxed for just a moment.

And then they were up!  Papa bought a new book to read to the grandkids about the true meaning of Christmas!

And then the Family Stair Picture....

Evan got a little tykes airplane and a fun tractor puzzle!

Zoe Jane got all the food for her new kitchen and some duplo building blocks.
Zach's favorite gift Evan received!

My sisters and I all received Kindles from my parents!!!  So excited!!!

Isn't the cover so cute!
Zach received a gift card to a local nursery!  he has already bought 12 Azaleas and 3 Camellias!  Our yard is going to be so gorgeous come spring!

Our Family got my parents the game Bezzerwizzer, a new trivia game, and a new griddle!  This game was so much fun!  Even though we are not usually fans of trivia Dad is..he loves them...but usually they are difficult for everyone else...This one was so fun!!!!

I was so excited to give my sisters Erin Condren calendars....but of course...I ordered them a little late.  Hopefully they will love them...once they arrive!  Joe loves him some Starbucks was definitely in order for him!

And we got our nieces a trip to Glow Galaxy!  Under the tree, we gave them glow in the dark jewlery and fun cozy, socks!  More to come on our fun date!

Unlce Tim made a cookie bar for dessert!  He did an awesome job.  my favorite was the Hot Chocolate Cookies and the Oatmeal Craisin came in a close 2nd!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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Joy said...

I love your Kindle cover!