Thursday, December 22, 2011

More with Grandma and Grandaddy!

It so funny seeing what the older kids get every is always the, guns, trucks, video games...girls it is EVER changing!

Carly's reactions are always the best!

Tucker was so cute laying on the floor just playing with this flashlight!  It is the simple things.

And sometimes I think the Daddies are more excited about the gifts than the kids!

Zoe just loves this hinge puzzle! 

After breakfast and opening gifts, we decided to head outside to try out Carson's gift.

The big kids decorated their traditional gingerbread houses!
And Kendall just had to hold the babies...she can't get enough of the babies!
And then there was napping (mainly by Shawn)...
...and playing...
...and singing Christmas Carols...

..and lots of smiles!

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