Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas with Grandma and Grandaddy!

Christmas with Grandma and Grandaddy is always a crazy weekend full of family and yummy food....and presents...lots and lots of presents!
I just love that I am part of such a big family...always growing!  Watching all of my nieces and nephews grow over the years and seeing new babies added to the mix every year just warms my heart!  I love our family!
And the kids all get along so great! 

All the kids were so anxious once they saw all the gifts under the tree!  Each one just had to sit next to them...and some continually tried to open them before Saturday morning :)

Time to open presents...YAY!

Saturday Morning, we all were up bright and early!  We made breakfast before opening gifts....lots of little helping hands around this house!

The newest editions to the family are getting so big!

This year, since our family has grown so much, we decided to let the kids draw names for their cousins' gifts.  I loved this!  We drew Carson and Colin...I had so much fun getting something for these two sweet boys!  I can't wait until Zoe and Evan understand what is going on and can pick out special gifts for their cousin!  Carly picked Zoe and she was just too precious with the whole thing.  She called me asking what Zoe would like and kept telling me how excited she was to get something special for Zoe.  On Saturday Morning, Carly was just beaming to give Zoe her Tangled dress and jewelry!

We got Carson a Automatic Baseball Pitcher.  Although it is something a little bit advanced for him right now...I have no doubts he will be a pro at it soon!  This kids LOVES baseball!

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Phillips Family said...

Aww cute post, can you email me that picture of Carson? Thx!