Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Visit with Our Besties!

I love that almost everytime we go to Berry...we get to also visit The Hollyhands!  Spending time with Crystal and her precious girls is always high on my priority list since the opportunities to see each other are so slim.  Friday, Zach helped Shawn and Misty move into their new house (Yay!), so I headed over to Crystal's for a playdate...Miss Kendall got to play with us, too!

Our babies!!!
They already love each other!
I try....I fail!  Oh well :)
Time always goes so fast when we are together!  I could sit with Crystal for days and it still would not be enough....Love you and your girls, Crystal....Can't wait to play again!

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Mary said...

i love that little onesie about what santa doesn't get me grandma will...that is too cute!