Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Mass is one of my absolute favorite masses of the year! It is such a joyful Mass with the special readings and Christmas Music...but this year....for some odd reason....we thought it would be a good idea to take Zoe to Mass with us. Complete Fail!

Not sure what made us think this was a good idea...I think for sentimental reasons I just want her there with us...I need to stop being sentimental!

Mass was exhausting...well the second half. She did okay during the Liturgy of the Word, but it went downhill quickly after that, Since it is such a packed Mass, we are all shoulder to shoulder and it gets pretty heated when you have a child who WILL NOT sit still. Lesson Learned!

Luckily, we did attend the Children's Mass, so Zoe was not the only crazy child present. The Sunday School classes and Children's Choir did a Narrative of the Nativity and it was so cute. They also invited other children to dress as Angels or Sheep and they could be a part of the narrative, too. My nieces all dressed up!

After Mass, we headed to my parents house for the night! We have a Family Tradition of decorating the tree on Christmas Eve. This year we decorated at night and had appetizers and drinks. I just love this tradition!
It never takes much for Papa to make our Little Man smile!  I have a feeling these two are going to be great buddies!

And I love our Christmas PJ tradition...Mom did good!

I am so sad because this is the only picture I have of Zoe Jane in her Christmas dress....she wore me out that much!

I love all the traditions during the holiday and all the time we get to have with family.  I just treasure these times....and I hope as my kids get older they will, too!

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