Monday, December 12, 2011

4 Months Old

Time....Please slow down!
  • Evan is growing so fast.  He is wearing 3 month clothes and quickly growing out of 0-3 and into 3-6 months clothes.  He is wearing size 1-2 diapers...but only because I have a few left...size we come!
  • Evan eats every 3 hours...on the dot!  He is still exclusively breastfed but has expressed milk when Mommy has to work or go out with Daddy :)  When he eats a bottle, he has 5 ounces, but I believe we need to step it up.
  • Evan is still sleeping through the night.  He sleeps from 8:00pm until 7:00am, waking to feed before Mommy and Daddy go to bed.  We have missed this feeding once or twice this month...and he still slept :)
  • Evan naps great...and it seems like he takes a small catnap after his 1st morning feeding, a long nap between his 2nd and 3rd feeding and then one or two small naps later in the day.
  • Evan still has horrible reflux.  We go through at least 10 bibs a day and 3-4 outfits.  Blah!  No pain though...thankfully!
  • Evan has grown so much.  I would say he weighs around 13-14 pounds.  We will see at this checkup.
  • Evan talks like crazy!  And has such a deep, boy voice!
  • Evan smiles all the time and has the sweetest chuckle.
  • Evan loves to be tickled along his tummy and around his neck.
  • Evan still has blue eyes...but I swear they are going to turn more of a hazel green like his Daddy's.
  • Evan's hair is growing and is can already see his little cowlick in the back.
  • Evan has crazy eyebrows just like Daddy and I just love his sweet nose.
  • Evan has mastered grabbing things.  He loves the chew rings and Mommy's necklace.
  • Evan loves getting his diaper changed and laying on the changing table.  He just loves being naked.
  • Evan loves to be held and really hates to be left alone.  The minute you walk up to him if he is fussy...he starts smiling.
  • Evan is still swaddled every night and during some naps.  It just calms him right away.
  • Evan has much better control of his arms and hands.  And he has discovered his thumb...on purpose! 
  • Evan still does well with his pacie.
  • Evan still has his own little look...I can't pin point who he looks like!
  • Evan is such a man...he has started to poop more regularly and his farts could clear rooms!
  • Evan is in the initial stages of teething...which adds more drool = more bibs.  He has a small rash on his chin and under his chin from the acidity in his drool.  We have started to use oragel and this seems to help him.
  • Evan is doing great during tummy time and really lifting his head up!
  • Evan is such a cuddlier!  I just love taking naps with him and holding him close!
  • Evan loves taking baths!
  • Evan can sit in the Bubmo but isn't really a fan of it yet.  He does love his floor gym though!
  • Evan is a good traveler.
  • Evan doesn't seem to be affected by what I eat anymore.  YAY!
  • Evan has the most pathetic little cry...he doesn't cry often but when he does, it just breaks my heart!
  • Evan loves his much that I can't buy D Batteries fast enough.
  • Evan just loves his big sister!  She is so sweet with him and talks to him all the time...and he just smiles the minute he sees her!
Hasn't he grown so much?!?! 
My Little Man makes every day that much more blessed and I just love him so very much!

Shall We Compare...


Phillips Family said...

Aww those are such good pics of him, I think he looks like Zach

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

Look at how big your little man is getting!! He's such a cutie!! Your babies look so much alike! How cute : )

Mary said...

so cute, they have the same little smile..i think they are starting to look more alike now! cannot believe he is already 4 months, it truly flies!