Friday, December 2, 2011

Technology Bust!

I feel so helpless!  I have a phone that is just about goal was to run into the ground and I am pretty sure that happened yesterday!  And I have a dying computer!  I have had my laptop for 5 years and it is just tired.  To back up my took 6 full has worked so hard for me and is just done!

So due to my technology busts....I feel so disconnected!  We have been pretty low key these last couple days, but I am having withdrawals!  This may song crazy and a little ridiculous...but because I blog, I feel like I keep more active because I want to document fun things in my kids we do lots of fun things!  I love the fact that I blog and that I can print this lovely little outlet of mine.  I love that my kids will literally get to see their past because I blog about every little thing.  And not being able to do that lately...well it stinks. 

I am hoping to be back and running soon!


giganut said...
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kimberly t. bowling said...

I know your pain. I've been feeling it since August. Still trying to decide which/if to get a new laptop. And I love blogging to stay connected with everyone, but just like you, I really do it for myself, Temple and our kids. One day, when they or I don't remember, I can show it to them on the blog!