Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christ Centered

There is something truly, truly special about having a relationship with someone and Christ being at the center of it!  Would you not agree?  I know most of us would strive for this in our Marriages, a constant tug of war if you ask me...but an absolute must!  But do we strive for the same in ALL our relationships?

The devil is well and good these days...but having the mindset that Christ runs our relationships and has our backs...well this just kicks evil in the bottom.

I am so blessed to not only have a husband whose heart is for Christ, but also family and friends!  I feel like the women I am friends with build me up, encourage me, support me, make me laugh and cry....and I value them for who they are....all in Christ!  God has revealed himself to me countless times through my friends and this is something I am so very grateful for.

I remember after college, around the time Zach and I met, I started to have a strong longing for more...the Holy Spirit was hard at work in my heart.  And this really confused me because I didn't know who to talk to about it.  I was living in Gulf Shores and I had no friends there, no communitu\y.  I searched for a Church I liked...but it was quite a search.  I couldn't really talk to Zach because we were not really on the same page at the time.  But, I was able to find comfort in a friend.  My friends from college...well we all had never really talked about faith...until now.  My friend Crystal and I one day and I can't remember how, but Faith just became a topic of conversation and it warmed my heart.  We would ask each other to pray for loved ones or different intentions.  For me, our relationship went to a different level then all the others I had.  I could trust her, really trust and confide in her.  I could be completely honest and open and expect the same in return.  Ever since college, Crystal and I have always lived long distance...but you would never know it.  I feel so connected with her, even now.  Over the years, she has been a constant in my friendships, which is such a beautiful thing and I believe it is because Christ is a part of our friendship.  Going through one of the hardest times of my life, My time with My Oliver, Crystal was love...I longed to talk to her and I found a lot of comfort in her....all because of Jesus living in our friendship! 

And now, I have friendships I could never imagine being so blessed by....and I do believe it is all because of God's love for me.  He wants me to be protected and He surrounds me with His love in relationship.  I have an amazing, LONG time friend in Jenny....she is like a Big Sister to me and so much more.  We have known each other since I was 5!  She is now my daughter's Godmommy and I am going to be her son, Benjamin's Godmommy....I am so excited and blessed with such an honor.  I have been blessed to be two other sweet girls Godmommy and I love Ella Kate and Brooke dearly!  Being a Godmother is a big deal for me.  I have been asked to help bring God into these children's lives....HUGE!  To help teach them of Jesus and His love and teach them to have Christ at the center of their lives.....and the beauty of it all is that I get to help these children along side their amazing parents.  The relationships I have made with The Fisher's and Femiano's because of our children makes me so happy!  And I know God is smiling down on them too...continually blessing them!  Having Evan, we got to invite another Family into ours and we couldn't be more blessed by The Koerner's!  Alyshia and I have known each other quite awhile too but have just really gotten to know each other....I just love her!  She totally gets me and is going to be an absolutely amazing Godmommy to my son!

And then to think I could be more blessed is just amazing!  God has always reached me through music!  And I am pretty sure He touches my friend Lauren in the same way!  Lauren invited me to Story Tour this week...Have y'all heard of it?  I hadn't!  But I am so grateful that she invited me!  it was the exact thing I needed to truly get me in the spirit of Christmas!  Me, Lauren, Danielle and Kristina had a wonderful time at the concert and I was just moved by the Holy Spirit the whole time....amazing music, sung by some amazing artists!  I literally had goose bumps the entire show and many times tears running down my face.  It is really awesome to have friends who like the same things you do and can appreciate the way God moves through these things.  Oh..did I mention I got to see Selah! 

I don't think this blog was meant to be so long....but I was feeling really grateful this morning and I wanted to share!  Isn't that what the Christmas Season is all about anyway :) 

Thank you Lord for all you bless me with....especially my friends!

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crystal hollyhand said...

You made me cry! :). I love you!!