Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is Zoe Zoo Up To?

  • Zoe is now 26 months old.
  • Zoe wears size 5 diapers or 2T-3T pull-ups.
  • Zoe wears 24 months pants (2T are too long) and 24 months and 2T shirts.
  • Zoe is 33 1/4 inches tall.
  • Zoe weighs about 30 pounds.
  • Zoe sleeps like a champ.  She takes one nap, lasting for 2-3 hours, in the early afternoon and goes to bed between 7:30-8:30 every night and wakes between 7:30-8:30 every morning.
  • Zoe has started having 'reading time' before bed to let her calm down and she loves to look at her books!
  • Zoe always wants ride in Daddy's truck, not Mommy's she says.
  • Zoe loves to play and she lets us know by saying, 'I playin Mommy, I playin!'
  • Zoe loves to talk on the phone.  And she now introduces herself saying 'Hi, I Zoe...How ya doin''.  Whenever she says goodbye, she usually tacks on 'see ya' or 'see ya later'.
  • Zoe has started to think anything and everything is hers...constantly saying 'Mines!'  And this is when we talk about how nice it is to share.  She does like to point out what is Evan's....his pacie, his swing, his bed, his carseat...or what is mine and Zach's...Daddy's juice, Mommy's Cup, Daddy's shoes, Mommy' mone (phone).
  • Zoe is a frequenter of time-out.  The biggest thing she goes for is telling Mommy and Daddy 'NO!' or 'NO WAY'...we can tell her to go to time-out and she goes straight to a chair in the dining room, turns it around and takes a seat.  She doesn't really cry anymore, but boy is she excited when we tell her she can get down.
  • Zoe loves to climb on her bunk beds and she loves to jump...from anything...the stairs, a chair, on the trampoline, off boxes...she says, 'I jump'...which really helps us when she wants to jump from the top bunk...we appreciate the warning.
  • Zoe loves her brother.  She is finally calling him Evan or 'Eban', but also calls him Buddy, Baby Buddy, Bud and Baby.  Evan is the first thing Zoe asks for in the morning now.
  • Zoe asks to 'Watch' and points to the TV or says 'oovie' for a Movie.  She also knows her favorite shows and characters...She has grown to love Little Einsteins and loves to pat her lap and raise her hands and scream 'BLAST OFF!'  She also knows each of her favorite movies.  Beauty and the Beast she says just 'Beast', Finding Nemo is just 'Nemo' and she says all of Lion King.  In each movie she loves certain parts and it is so cute seeing her get excited.
  • Zoe says she is 'ungry' alot...but most of the time it is because she is bored.  She will stand in front of the pantry or pull on the fridge door and scream, 'I ungry, Mommy'.  She also knows what she wants and doesn't want to eat...and doesn't hesitate to tell you.  Her favorites are yogurt, cheese, chips, crackers, waffle (baffle), green beans, chicken, ice cream, peanuts, mac'n cheese, tacos, cereal and apples.    I think she would eat all day long if I let her. 
  • Zoe loves to ask us for 'a bite'.  Even if we are eating the exact same thing as her, she would rather eat ours.
  • Zoe is eating really well with her utensils.  She knows spoons, forks and knives by name.  Sometimes she gets frustrated and uses her hands though.
  • Zoe loves to scream.  She has quite the vocals.  If Zoe is trying to get our attention, she starts with Mommy or Daddy and if we don't answer she starts calling us by our names 'Sak' or 'Gecca'.  It is quite funny.
  • Zoe doesn't like to have her hair played with.  She says 'no hairs'...but her long blonde locks just beg to have your fingers run through them!
  • Zoe loves to be outside, rain or shine, hot or cold.  She just runs and runs...thank goodness we have a great big yard!
  • Zoe is such a good helper.  She loves to help Mommy with switching the laundry and emptying the dishwasher and we are working on cleaning our room and picking up toys when we are done with them.  She helps with Evan by giving him his pacie and she loves to push him in the swing and tell us when he has spit up.  Zoe always goes and gets her diaper when it is time for a diaper change.  She also loves to help Daddy bring in the firewood and sweep the floors.
  • Zoe is remembering peoples names.  And if we remind her, she can say almost anyone's name.  Sometimes she can even remember when we go certain places, who is at that place.  She knows she sees Papa at Church, she knows Grammy and Papa's house, she knows when we are home when we pull on our street, she knows Greg and Ria's house and usually says 'Be Nice, Greg' when we pull in their driveway...and this makes me laugh!
  • Zoe loves to tell us when we have arrived somewhere and screams 'We're HERE!'
  • Zoe is such a cuddlier now and she will sit on my lap and watch cartoons with me.  I love this!  She also asks to be help by saying, 'I hold you'.
  • Zoe loves to throw 'I throw Mommy' and catch and says 'Good Throw' right after...unfortunately a lot of things get thrown at Evan.
  • Zoe loves to be sung to...and she will say 'Again...Again' until you sing the song to her again.
  • Zoe loves the Moon and Stars.  She tells us they are in the sky and points to them.  Most nights, we take her outside and she screams 'THE MOON'.  It is so sweet.  She also knows the clouds and sun are in the sky and always points out airplanes she sees.
  • Zoe is learning the Sign of the Cross.  She now touches her forehead when we say 'In the Name of the Father' and before we get to the Holy Spirit, she is screaming 'AMEN'.  During our blessing over meals, Zoe must hold hands...and now she always wants to hold Evan's.  Zoe also knows we pray before bedtime and she clasps her hands together while we pray and it could just melt my heart!
  • Zoe is starting to learn to count.  If we start counting, she knows two comes after one and four comes after three.  We are working on getting her to count by herself to five.
  • Zoe is so stubborn when it comes to colors.  She knows how to say blue, purple, pink, yellow, green, red, white...but will only say something is yellow.
  • Zoe asking more whats and whys....which I have mixed feelings about.  I love that she is curious and wants to learn, but she will say what a millions times...'What...what Mommy, what!'
  • Zoe is getting better at taking pictures.  She loves to say cheese and make silly faces.
  • Zoe always needs a boo-boo kissed.  Sometimes, she will fake getting hurt, just so she can get an all better kiss.  Zoe also lets us know when she falls down that she is fine by saying 'I okay Mommy, I okay'.
  • Zoe is obsessed with her 'shwankie'...which is her blanket.
  • Zoe is getting so good at playing by herself and imaginary play.  She loves to build towers out of her new blocks and make food for us in her kitchen.  She still doesn't quite understand dress up, but loves changing a million times and putting on the accessories.
  • Zoe loves playing with her Bitty Baby and feeding her its bottle.  But sometimes she gives me her baby to feed and puts her right to my chest...she hasn't tried to feed her that way yet though.
  • Zoe can lock doors, but not unlock.  I have been locked outside once.  Thank goodness for hide-a-keys.
  • Zoe loves shoes...her boots are her favorite!
  • Zoe loves to dress herself.  She doesn't pick her clothes out yet, but she loves to pull up her pull-ups and put her pants leg at a time.  She also is obsessed with socks and loves wearing them. 
  • Zoe is curious about the potty, but not ready for potty training yet.  She tells us when she poops sometimes, but still could care less that she has a dirty diaper.  She loves to sit on the potty and she pushes and squints her face...and loves to wipe...a lot...but no consistency.  I am not going to push it.
  • Zoe is loving, playful, funny, silly, and just everything I could hope for...she makes me look forward to waking up every morning and I love that my days are filled with teaching her, seeing what new things she can do and hearing that sweet voice say 'Mommy'!  What a gift she is!


Mary said...

oh they remind me so much of each other! aww joshua is counting too, aren't they just so much fun now!?..yeah we're waiting on the potty training too!

kimberly t. bowling said...

love the hat and all the bw pics..too cute! enjoyed reading the updates, but smiled big when I read "she asks for Evan first thing every morning"....precious!