Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Will tonight be the night that #14 is brought home for The Crimson Tide!?!  We will be waiting anxiously for 8pm....and watching every second of the game!  Roll Tide Roll.....I might even make some new yummies from Pinterest!

Weekend Recap
Zach and I had an awesome date night, Friday.  We went to a shooting range in Atlanta and got to shoot 5 different guns for 10 rounds.  The revolver was my favorite...I told Zach it was because I felt like I was playing clue...he didn't laugh.  The AR something was really awkward...but I shot it the best!  Dinner was catered by Sol Catering...the same owners of Taqueria del Sol....YUMMY!  After shooting, it was off to Neighbors for drinks.  We decided to go to another bar closer to home to watch football...but on the way home got sucked into the idea of getting Krispy Kreme and coffee...Wow...isn't that what old people do? We were home by 9:30....and couldn't have been happier!

Zach did pretty awesome...I was hoping this gift would quiet the "I want a gun" plea from him....I think it fueled the fire!
Saturday, we ran around town celebrating birthdays with The Koerner Family and The Williams Family!  I can't believe how fast all our babies are growing!  We got to stay in Athens for dinner and relax...lots of fun!

I also completed my first week of training for the Publix Half Marathon in March....I feel GREAT!  And I am really starting to feel and see results which makes me want to work that much harder!

Reading Time
Zoe Jane is quite the little reader.  She loves to sit in her chair and look through her books.  She loves to have books read to her at night before bed.  We have started to let her sit in her bed after prayers and "read" for about 15 minutes by herself.  She loves it!!!  She asks for her light on and books and she is so content!  I hope she loves reading young...because neither Zach nor I did :(

I, on the other hand, can't seem to catch a second to read lately...and if I do...well I find myself fighting to stay awake.  I tend to read at work and try to get in as much as I can there.  Last night, I got to Part II of Catching Fire.....Loving it!!!  And almost all of my friends are on The Hunger Games bandwagon now...I see another midnight movie in our future!!!

A Daisy A Day
2012 is already looking to be one for the books....we are only 9 days in and change is filling the air!  My parents signed today to buy 'A Daisy A Day', a local flower shop that has been booming for 35 years!  Random...totally...part of a midlife crisis...maybe!  But we are so excited!  I see flowers in my future!  And if you are local and need flowers for a special occasion...maybe Valentine's know where to go!


Hollyhand House said...

Congrats to your parents!! That is awesome!! I wish I lived closer, I would definitely pay them a visit!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I think "a daisy a day" is terrific---congrats to your family! Sounds like a fun adventure!