Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Week

Evan has been on his medicine for a week now...and I do think it is starting to help.  He doesn't seem to spit up as much...but he still does.  And it is now possible to have some tummy time without Niagara Falls.  I hate that Evan isn't as strong as he should be because I don't want him to loose his entire lunch by putting him on his tummy....but he is getting there.

Tummy Time...sometimes he loves it...
Sometimes he doesn't...

 Check Out those Brows!
 Monday was a NASTY day!  I mean downpour!  But I was not going to let it stop us from going to our first Toddler Time at the Library.  Suwanee Library hosts Toddler Time for 2 and under...and Zoe LOVED it!!!  The woman who leads is so great and their were lots of songs, interactive play, visuals and, of course, a story.  Zoe had a blast and I can't wait to take her again!

I made Skinny Crockpot's Taco Soup....Yummo!  My Mom and Dad joined us for dinner which was so nice!  We also played Monopoly The Card much fun!  

Tuesday was full of errands.  Thankfully it was gorgeous out...and like 66 degrees.  In between some errands, we grabbed lunch at Chipotle and KK got to meet us.  We sat outside and just soaked up the sun we have missed so much lately.  Tuesday night was Mr. Church's visitation, so we all got dressed in our flannels and jeans (his "uniform") and headed to St. Oliver's.  And I must say that in times like these, I am so beyond grateful and constantly reminded of how important it is to have support from friends and your community.  To see all the people who Arnie touched in his life was beautiful!

And it begins!
 Poor Evan!
Wednesday was Mr. Church's funeral...what an absolutely beautiful Mass to celebrate the life of this man, full of many tears, many kind words and many, many memories.  It was surreal being there...I couldn't really believe it was all happening.

Wednesday night, we headed over to The Picture People to use our Groupon!  Unfortunately, Zoe had not taken but a 15 minute nap in the car the WHOLE DAY!  Yikes!  But I kept telling myself...All we need is 1 good picture!  And luckily we got 1!   

Thursday we had a pretty laid back day and I made dinner again...So proud of myself!  I made Parmesan Garlic Chicken with Roasted Broccoli...and everyone loved it!

I have been looking forward to Friday since we heard Ringling Bros Clowns were putting on Story time at Hamilton Mill Library.
 It was AWESOME!  We read Dr. Seuss's If I Ran The Circus and they acted out so much of it!  They got all the kids involved with pretending to eat popcorn and making tiger sounds and giving a big drum roll on their laps!  And they even played some tricks...which caused one little girl in the front to stand up, put her hands on her hips and scream..."Don't play tricks with me Clown!"...I kid you not!  And I could not stop laughing!
 Zoe had kind of a rough night of sleep...well we all did!  So she was a little tired at the show, but she did great.

  'Say Cheese'...or make a really awkward face
 Another great week we had!  

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crystal hollyhand said...

Glad Evan is doing better!! I hope we can get something figured out with AK soon! That is such a sweet picture of the two of them!! Love it!!