Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Week

Y'all....I am absolutely loving this new way of life!!!

Yes, the mornings after I work are a little tough.  I wish I could just have an IV of coffee, but once I get one cup in....I am good to go.

Here is what we did this past week!

Thursday Morning, I woke up refreshed and ready to jump right into what I hoped would be our new routine.  Zoe woke up saying "Watch" and I said "Not today, Sweetie!"  And she didn't ask again.  We played with play-doh this morning.  I let her tell me which color she wanted and she said "Blue"...so after we ate breakfast at the table, I got her blue play-doh and you would have thought it was Christmas Morning again...the girl was so excited.
 We practiced rolling and patting.  I got one of her play knives and the roller from her kitchen and we cut and counted.  She was so precious.  We made letters and shapes.  She just loved it.

After playing, we had to run to the grocery to pick up Evan's medicine and get all the ingredients for dinner.  Once we got home, we had some reading time and played in Zoe's room before nap time.  I guess I didn't wear Zoe out enough this day because nap time was darn near impossible.  Zoe has gotten over her fear of getting down off her bed.  We would close the door and next thing you know you would hear little feet tapping and her pans being hit together.  After about 10 times of going in to tell Zoe to get in her bed...her room feel silent.  When she finally woke up and I went to get her, she was on the top bunk....oy vey!

Thursday was a gorgeous day, so we headed outside to swing and run around!  Zoe just loves to be outside and so does her Mommy.  And so does Evan!

And Thursday was a complete success in the kitchen!  I made Skinny Crockpot's Balsamic Chicken....SO GOOD!  I found too, and yes I know it is just one day, but my house stayed cleaner!  Keeping Zoe eating in the dining room and not having the TV on meant no vacuuming the living room rug and she brought no toys into the living room...they all stayed in her room!  Yes and Yes!!!

Friday was jam packed for us!  I worked Thursday night, so I was nervous that my exhaustion would get the best of me....but staying busy really helped.  We woke up and had breakfast and got right into our morning activity.  Finger Painting!

I put on Pandora for some fun kid's music and she just loved it.  A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song came on and she recognized his voice right away....she just smiled the whole time!

Finger Painting was such a success!  She constantly was asking me if her painting was pretty.  And we talked about which colors she was painting with and which shapes she was making.  Evan is learning how to play in the exersaucer.  He is getting stronger and stronger every day!  And as you can see...it just wears him out!

The Dacula Library had a Puppet Show Friday so we headed to the library.  I wasn't sure how Zoe would do sitting still, but she did great!  The theme of the show was winter and they performed some books.  She made it through 2 shows, but didn't last for the 3rd.  Once she was ready to move, we headed to the kids section and she picked out books to read.  Zoe would find herself a spot and sit and look at the pages.

Nap Time was in order for all!!!

After nap time, it was party time to celebrate our sweet Ella Kate at Catch Air!

 And after the party, we got to go see Carson and Colin!  Zoe just adores Carson!
And all of this happened with only about a 1/2 hour of TV.  After Thursday morning, she never really even asked!  



Ashlyn said...

Hey Becca! I have to ask...is the Skinny Crockpot a book? I love good crockpot recipes and I'm always looking for new ones to use when I'm working!
Love seeing the precious pictures of your kiddos!

Rebecca said...

Skinny Crockpot has a Facebook page. If you "like" them you can see all their recipes :)