Monday, October 24, 2011

You Did What!?!

Rickey and Zelda always joke saying that they will take our kids back home anytime, for weeks or as long as we will let them.  I never thought I would be ready for Zoe to go to Grandma's this soon, but when we were leaving the beach, something told me it was a good time.  So Zach and I discussed Zoe spending the rest of the week at Grandma and Grandaddy's house and we both thought it was a good idea.

So we brought it up to Grandma at breakfast and I thought she was going to fall out of her chair with excitement.  Right then, she was ready to go so we wouldn't change our minds.  We didn't.  Packing Zoe into their car was really hard...I definitely cried once we got back to our car.  Zoe ended up staying in Alabama from Monday to Saturday morning.....way too long!!! We missed her so much, but it was really good for all of us!

I was so surprised whenever I told anyone where Zoe was, every person said, "You did what!"  I think my mom was the most surprised of all...haha.

Zoe had an absolute blast!  She would not even stop to talk to us on the phone...we tried like 10 times a day.  While Zoe was at Grandma's, she got to spend an afternoon with her Aunt Holly, Uncle Jared, Ian and Tucker.  She also got to go to her Aunt Misty's office and meet all her coworkers.  She got to then spend the afternoon with her Uncle Shawn and Kendall, playing dress up.  She rode the barbie four wheeler by herself and played her little heart out.  From what Grandma said, she slept great and ate okay...but I am pretty sure Zelda wouldn't tell me if anything went wrong ;) 

At home, I got to relax and sleep in with my little man.  Man was it quiet!  I painted Evan's nursery and dresser.  I ran lots of errands and tried to check some things off my list that are harder to do with 2.  We attended an amazing XLT at our Church and had game night at our house.  Our week was full and busy, but 5 days was just too long. 

Saturday morning finally arrived and I couldn't wait to get my baby girl back.  Zach and I fought over who would hold her first...I beat him to her!!!  Nothing felt better than hearing her say Mommy and get a big hug!  I wish Grandma and Grandaddy lived closer because I think we could do this again maybe for a weekend...but 5 days was just way too long! 

One of the main reasons why I let Zoe go is because I didn't get anything like this growing up.  My grandparents all lived plane rides away and my aunts and uncles were not really present either.  The fact that Zoe got to spend time with so many important people in her life while away made the trip so worth it.  I loved hearing that she was visiting with someone new every day and making memories with them!  I love that my kids have such amazing Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles...they are truly blessed!


Candace said...

I let Addison stay with my mom and with Jonathan's parents for longer periods of time after Tate arrived. It is so important for you to get some one on one time with a new little baby, AND it is important for the older siblings to spend time with grandparents and other family members without you. Zoe will hear stories for the rest of her life all from that week at Grandma's!

I agree - by the time a week or a few days is over - it has felt like forever though! Always happy to get my babies back!

momofbugs said...

Aunt CC is next! So glad you both had this time.