Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 Months Old

Seriously....2 Months Already!  Can't believe it! 

So what is Evan up to...

  • Evan is wearing size 1 diapers and is in newborn clothes still.  He can wear some 0-3 month clothes but they are long in the arms.
  • Evan has gorgeous blue eyes and they are almond shaped.
  • Evan weighs between 10-11 lbs.
  • Evan is much more alert these days and for longer periods of time.
  • Evan is smiling! 
  • Evan has teeny tiny feet.
  • Evan is getting a lot stronger in holding up his head.
  • Evan still loves his pacie...only got his thumb a couple times this month.
  • Evan has had a runny nose this month...wishing this would go away already!
  • Evan eats every 3-4 hours and has only breast milk.  He gets a bottle when Mommy goes to work and does very well with them.  No nipple confusion.
  • Evan sleeps through the night.  His last feeding is around 9 or 10pm and he goes until 6 or 7am.
  • Evan is still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room....but not for long :)
  • Evan's eyebrows came in this month and boy does he have Daddy's eyebrows!
  • Evan has a pretty awesome Big Sister....Zoe loves giving him his pacie and talking to him.  She thinks Evan's name is "Buddy"...it is really cute!
  • Evan is getting more hair and it is brown.
  • Evan spits up all the time.  Luckily, the reflux causes him no pain.
  • Evan sleeps often still during the day, but in short spurts.
  • Evan has pencil thin lips!
  • Evan has his own little look...I don't think he looks like me or Zach.
  • Evan has started making some cooing sounds and they are just so sweet.
  • Evan likes his swing and bouncy seat...he isn't crazy about the floor gym or tummy time yet.
  • Evan sleeps on his boppy since he has reflux.
  • Evan is swaddled...tight...
  • Evan has a fussy time starting around 8pm and we now swaddle him and he sleeps until his last feeding.
  • Evan has a pouty face and it is so cute.
  • Evan likes to have someone with him...he will stop crying right when someone enters the room he is in.
  • Evan went on his first beach trip and traveled great...minus one ride home from dinner :\
  • Evan's nails and toenails grow so fast!
  • Evan has an outy and an iny belly button...just depends on his position.
  • Evan has the cutest little button nose.
  • Evan loves his hands right by his face.
  • Evan does really well following objects with his eyes and following sounds.
  • Evan loves to be held!  He is such a cuddler!
  • Evan is such a good baby and we just love him more and more every day!

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