Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Roll Tide Roll

This past weekend, we headed down to Tuscaloosa to tailgate for the UT game! I could not wait to see my Zoe Zoo in her little cheerleading outfit! We met The Hollyhand's out on the quad to play and grab a bite to eat.
Walking through the streets, you could hear gasps and "awws" and "oh my gosh, there are two!" It made me and Zach laugh so much.
Zoe Jane and Anna Riley had a blast on the bouncy and Evan and Ava Kate took great naps!!!

For lunch, we got BBQ nachos from Big Bad Wolves....only the best BBQ ever!!! They only set up on the strip during football season...I would drive from Atlanta just for this...not kidding! But I have the added bonus of getting to spend time with great friends when we come into it is hitting two birds with one stone :) 
After leaving the quad, we headed to The Hollyhand's for the night to watch the games. The girls had so much fun playing outside....Anna Riley was helping Zoe steer....good thing it is a big yard.
 And then they took turns swinging and cute!
Anna Riley was quite the flirt with Mr. Zach. She would come right next to him and bat her eyes and giggle and run away. She liked giving him big hugs.....
and of course....a fist bump!
I loved snuggling these two little ones. This trip I got to meet Miss Ava Kate. Such a beautiful little girl!!! She made Evan look so big!
The next morning, the girls looked so cute in their pjs! I can't wait for them to really get to have slumber parties!
We had so much fun while visiting...wish we could do it more often!

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crystal hollyhand said...

Love the pictures!!! :) We had so much fun with y'all!