Friday, October 28, 2011

Hamilton Mill Halloween Party

 I loved dressing Zoe and Evan up and heading over to Zach's work for a fun kid's party.  This year we had a Pretty Princess and Mickey Mouse!  We had such a great time at the party!
Zoe loved that there was tons of candy on every table...this kind of spoiled dinner....but oh well!
Zach was in charge of the hay ride around the course.  The kids LOVED this! 

 And of course there was dancing!  Zoe had an absolute blast on the dance floor.  She tried to do everything the big kids did during the cha-cha slide....just 5 seconds behind :) 
And we have a little artist on our hands.  Zoe did not want to leave this table....she painted and painted that little pumpkin til it could be painted no more.  Thank goodness the paint was washable because she also painted her little costume....I had to tell myself to relax and enjoy the fact that she was having a good time.  We were much better after this ;) 
 Zoe also got tattooed...she sat so still for the girl doing it and was so excited when she got done and saw all the glitter.
 As it got later, Zoe got a little tired....well really tired.  She started to throw one of her wonderful tantrums (in front of everyone!!!) and I have learned I just have to ignore them.  Well, the photographer Hamilton Mill hired thought this we so funny so she fueled the fire!  Zoe thought it was hilarious to lay on the ground and then look around to see who was watching.
 It actually helped her mood quite a bit and we were able to enjoy the rest of the party until Zach got done with the rides. 
And we attempted a family shot....I have a feeling this is how our family pictures will look until I can bribe Zoe to smile....I really look forward to when this happens!

Happy Halloween!!! 

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