Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pool, Pool...We love the Pool!

Good Morning, Orange is so nice to see you!
Everyone decided for the first day we would play at the pools! We started at the outdoor pool but the wind quickly blew us into the indoor pool....BRRR!

Luckily the kids had a blast in the indoor pool swimming and sliding down the slide.

Zach had fun, too! :)

And then we all got brave again and headed outside a little later.

Zoe was very excited to slide down the big slide! The kid has so fear with these types of things...

Miss Kendall just wanted to lay out....Diva!

And down goes my Zoe Zoo....scared me to death!

Best part....relaxing in the sun!

Evan loved relaxing too....I could just eat him up!


Hettie Calhoun said...

It looks like everyone enjoyed the indoor pool! Who wouldn't enjoy staying in the cool water especially on a hot summer day, right? By the way, how old was Evan at the time? I can't wait to see his first splash on the swimming pool!

-Hettie Calhoun

Cathy said...

It’s been years after this post and I bet Evan is already racing with his siblings to the slide and to the pool. Hehe! It’s great that they have indoor and outdoor facilities. They even gave you the chance to continue on having fun even though it’s a little bit cool outside. Do you have other swimming parties like this? I hope you can post more water adventures, especially baby Evan’s moment. :D

-Cathy Newman-