Friday, October 14, 2011

Can We Say Vacay!

Wow.....I did not realize how much Zach and I needed a vacation....Zach had not taken a week off since February 2009!  Long overdue and it was such a great time for our family.  We went to Orange Beach with Zach's side of the family and we all had so much fun!  It was great spending time with Zach's family without a birthday party planned or holiday festivities.  It was nice to just relax with everyone and enjoy the beach, pool and awesome weather!

Zach and I headed down Wednesday and stayed with our friends Nick and Michele, who live in Foley.  It was so great catching up with them!

Thursday was wide open for us until check in at 3, so we want to take advantage of our time by ourselves and do something fun with Zoe.  We started our day shopping at the outlets (fun for Mommy) and then headed to lunch at LuLu's, a landmark of Gulf Shores.
A beer never tasted so good!  It is really nice spending time with your husband when you are both completely relaxed!  I feel like at home...neither of us can completely calm between the kids, work, meetings, get it was nice sitting back and sipping a cold one! If you know what I mean....

And Zoe had a blast throwing food to the fishies :)
After lunch we headed to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo....perfect for our Zoe Zoo!  I love this is called The Little Zoo that Could.  It is a small Zoe but so much more intimate and more fun, in my opinion.  All the animals are at arms reach and it was so fun watching Zoe react to each animal she saw.

This is my favorite gorgeous!
Zoe loved the Baboon.  She kept making monkey noises to it!
This monkey just amazed you see her baby on her back?  So adorable!  The mama just carried on her way and the baby just slept peacefully.
I am so glad we were able to take Zoe to the Zoo as a family...wonderful memories!

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