Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

My heart is just aching right now for the town of Tuscaloosa and all towns affected by this crazy band of storms from the week. I hold Tuscaloosa near and dear to my heart. I love this town!!!

Once I heard how intense the storms were, I immediately called our family and friends in the area. Berry was out of power and cell service doesn't really exist there on a good I was so relieved when I finally saw that my sister in law made a comment on something on facebook. My best friend and Zach's brother's family live in Tuscaloosa and Northport and I heard from both of them that they were safe and sound. So many prayers!
But seeing the pictures today is just devastating! There is not a tree standing, cars turned, house dempolished, restaruants vansihed, rubble everywhere! While I lived in Tuscaloosa, I experienced Hurricane Ivan and Katrina and I think 3 tornadoes....this one storm caused more than all of those combined!

Please keep my Sweet Home Alabama in your prayers! A long road of recovery is ahead!

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Heather said...

I thought of your family when I saw how bad the storm was in Tsucaloosa. I am SO glad to hear(see) that everyone you know was OK.