Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pizza Party!

During Lent, meat is something we don't eat on Fridays. Great excuse for a pizza party!

I just love when all our friends get together to relax and chat and spend time with one another. Every time Zach and I leave one of our little get togethers, we both just can't believe how blessed we are to have such great friends!

Our little Pizza Party was potluck style. Katie had the pizzas, I brought homemade bruschetta and appetizers, Michelle brought salad, Lauren the wine and her awesome Key Lime Pie cheese ball and Danielle the YUMMY dessert! And everything was AWESOME! I ate so much...I swear I have now doubled my weight gain. Totally worth it.

I always forget to take pictures when we all meet! Not today....I did forget until the very last second though so Lauren missed the picture :(....Next Time! Michelle is due with Ms. Brooke next Saturday! And Danielle is due with Gianna on April 26th! Two more little girls to add to the mix. Please keep them in your prayers for safe deliveries and healthy babies!


The Sweet Life said...

Look at your cute belly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry we had to leave early! We still had a great time, though! Next time, Nick will go to Pop and Grandma's house! :)