Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ has Risen from the Dead!

I can't even really describe how wonderful, beautiful, spiritual, life-changing, moving.....last night was. I feel so blessed to have married Zach, for God to have brought us together in such low times in our spiritual lives, and to have sent His Holy Spirit to fill our lives the way He has. Last night was one of those times that you will NEVER ranks up there with the birth of our children, day of our marriage....if not higher. Last night, our family became a family in CHRIST! And there are really no words....The Easter Vigil Mass was so beautiful. I have never attended one before last night and I can guarentee it won't be my last. It was AWESOME...long...but AWESOME!
Zach woke up yesterday morning just giddy. You could tell he was so excited for everything that would be taking place soon. He is such a joy to me. Last night, Zach received the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation! What made the night that much more special was that our great friends, Nick and Katie, and Matt were also receiving Sacraments! We were surrounded by amazing family and friends, too. After the ceremony, you could just feel a change in Zach....he was on fire for Christ! Something I will never forget and hopefully he will never forget either!
But aside from the excitement in our lives....we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord! I mean that in itself makes the day perfect. We, as Christians, are eternally grateful for our God, for sending us His Son to forgive our sins by His death and Resurrection. THANK YOU!

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