Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I am Loving


I am loving having the Internet back in my life! It has been too long. Charter came and installed the world wide web and local channels for the TV. With all good things, there are also bad! So...we now have local channels...and about 60 more. BAD! There was a BIG reason why we turned cable off to begin with and now it is back and not asked for! Every family is different...I am not saying ones who want to watch TV is bad by any means...But for ours it is a distraction! I just hate that the TV sucks you in and puts you in this trance! That it can control your days and nights with hours of meaningless watching and even when I am next to my husband, I feel a mile away. There will be a call into Charter very soon....But I am loving the Internet so I can do all these fun weekly things :)

~This Girl~

I have always been a fan of Carrie Underwood! Love her, her music, her it! And I love this video! There is something very special about the Country Music Industry! The name of God is not turned away, put down. It is proclaimed in many songs and receives a standing ovation! I love this!

~Our Home~

We have been trying to wrap up some of our latest home projects...the bathroom and Zoe Jane's new Big Girl Room! They are coming together and I am loving them! Here are some sneak peeks-


I absolutely love hearing this beautiful baby's heart beating. We went in for my 24 week check up yesterday...same old, same old. It was definitely proven yesterday that we have a squirmy wormy on our hands...or in my tummy I should say. It took a good 5-6 minutes to find and keep the heart beat. Once found, it was strong and in the low 140s. Love!

There are many things in pregnancies that are not so glamorous....but I love being pregnant. It is a remarkable feeling and time knowing that life is growing inside me. I can't help but constantly rub my tummy, talk to the Baby, sway from side to side. If God's Plan is the same as ours, it will be quite a little while before we jump into Baby #4, so I am savoring every little thing right now!


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I could not agree with you more about the TV!! We cut off our satellite service for the same reason. We felt like we'd get closer to each other, take a lot of negativity and inappropriate things out of our home and save some money, too! Hopefully you can ignore it until it's gone!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Found your blog on WILW!
I love it!
Look forward to reading more,

Kit said...

What awesome things you are loving today! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

Morgan said...

Found your blog on WILW! You're family is beautiful!!